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Clinic specialization is treatment of cardiac disease by surgery with the use of modern equipment and advanced medical therapies.
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Clinic of cardiac surgery Karlsruhe - Germany
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Doctor  Uve Melkhorn Uve Melkhorn
A highly qualified cardiologist who specializes in the treatment of heart disease in adulthood.
Doctor  Chirozhit Mukherzhe Chirozhit Mukherzhe
A A leading specialist anesthetist conducts supervision of patients who are in intensive care, as well as the state during surgery and in the postoperative period.
About clinic Clinic of cardiac surgery Karlsruhe

Clinic for cardiac surgery Karlsruhe is a major German cardiological centre with an impeccable reputation. The hospital has 4 operating rooms. For patients prepared by the 56 seats in the preoperative ward, 24 in intensive care, 44 in the postoperative ward. Specialists at the clinic perform all types of cardiac interventions, including the latest.

Clinic for cardiac surgery Karlsruhe directs respected in the global surgical community doctor Herbert Posival. Also there are experienced, talented surgeons, constantly mastering the latest methods of operations.

Clinic for cardiac surgery Karlsruhe equipped with the best equipment, allowing to carry out coronary artery bypass grafting and other modern operations with minimal risk to the patient. Operates state of the art hybrid operating room that allows you to immediately diagnose and treatment of heart disease. This provides a quick postoperative recovery and complete cure.

the Clinic for cardiac surgery Karlsruhe is a team of the best heart surgeons who save the lives of people with severe forms of heart disease.

Clinic reviews
I had a particular case of atrial fibrillation, but required surgery to repair the mitral valve. Needed an anesthesiologist, as anesthesia depended on the success of the operation. Through the portal I found a first-class specialist Ciruit Mukherjee from the clinic for cardiac surgery Karlsruhe. Two months ago, I made the intervention and the surgery was successful without any mishap. Thank you to the staff and doctors separately! Recovery period I also held in this clinic and I really liked it. Thank you.
Thank you Uwe Mehlhorn from the clinic for cardiac surgery Karlsruhe for a new heart for my dad. We no longer hope, it was very hard and bitterly for his beloved and the mother of our apulco. About the centre got to know mom, when I read a med article and immediately turned to this place. The center is very good here and has saved a single life, and gave hope to a long life for many patients. Thank you!
I'm not a poor man, so when I started having heart problems, I asked his personal assistant to find me a good clinic. Totally trusted him, as it works, I have 15 years exactly. He raised all his connections and acquaintances, also asked the doctors themselves, where there is excellent care, and so a chain for a chain, we found my doctor Mehlhorn (Clinic for cardiac surgery Karlsruhe). It I spent cleaning vessels and ablation of the heart tissue. Completely satisfied with his work!
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