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Clinic with a full range of medical services. Academic clinical hospital in the University clinic of Jena.
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Clinic Of Eichsfeld - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Christian Waydemann Christian Waydemann
A A leading specialist-urologist of operational and conservative urology.
Doctor  Uve Shotte Uve Shotte
A highly skilled surgeon, head of the department of general and abdominal surgery.
Doctor  Berngard Zenger Berngard Zenger
The best gastroenterologist, head of department of internal medicine.
Doctor  Stefan Shmid-Sheba Stefan Shmid-Sheba
He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the entire spectrum of heart disease.
Doctor  Klaus Shild Klaus Shild
He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the lungs, the bronchi.
About clinic Clinic Of Eichsfeld

The Clinic "Eichsfeld" is located in the centre of Yemen. She is an academic hospital, where the annual young doctors have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and capabilities. At the hospital, prepared 373. In the ICU 8 beds, 5 of them are equipped with ventilators. The clinic operates more than 10 offices, including gynecological, surgical, pulmonary and orthopedic.

In the clinic "Eichsfeld" more than a thousand employees: excellent doctors, nurses and even chefs. The clinic employs doctors who are also engaged in teaching and scientific work. It is practiced by such prominent specialists as a pulmonologist Klaus Schild, an internist Bernhard senger, surgeon the Uwe SCHOTT, head of the Christian Weidemann.

the Equipment of the clinic "Eichsfeld" allows reconstructive, organ-preserving, as well as "looped" and other minimally invasive surgery. Here is an ultrasound examination of the lungs CT, MRI and other diagnostic procedures.

the Clinic "Eichsfeld" – a modern facility providing first-class medical care.

Clinic reviews
In this clinic (Eichsfeld) I successfully cured infertility. My wife initially thought that her problem, as she had an obstruction of the fallopian tubes, but then, when we cured the problem was that I have a morphology at 0. Came to the clinic for treatment without much hope, but in the end after 8 months of therapy I had already had a morphology of 50%! And with such a morphology, we were able to conceive a baby themselves without IVF. Thank you very much!
Amid putrid mastitis I was brought to the Clinic of Eichsfeld. I have a week as was just stagnation with cones, and I constantly was decanted, and the baby the breast as often as possible gave, but still it is not all the bumps were resorbed. After this morning, I woke up just not alive nor dead husband immediately called for help and they took me to the clinic. Put from the surgery. I was operated on the Uwe SCHOTT. He was able to save my breast, for which he thanks!
In primary peritonitis, I already assumed that will need a complex operation on the peritoneum and I was really scared, because it could be fatal. To do this, I had a lot of factors. So I began to read about the services of surgeons worldwide who have had extensive experience in such operations. The Uwe SCHOTT I like how this doctor spent more than ten thousand successful interventions and had very good recommendations. Here is to him that I got the surgery. All he did in many ways, even from the anesthesia I remember it is very easily moved. Now I am recovering. While a little bad feeling, but this is normal after such an operation.
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