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Main branches:
Oncology , Dermatology , Phlebology
The modern medical establishment, specializiruetsya in dermatology and Allergology.
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Clinic Thalkirchner Strasse - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Wilhelm Shtolts Wilhelm Shtolts
A highly qualified dermatologist and allergist specializes in the treatment of patients with skin diseases.
Doctor  Thomas Rudzhistka Thomas Rudzhistka
An outstanding specialist dermatologist specializes in treating people with diseases in the field of dermatology and allergy, including children.
About clinic Clinic Thalkirchner Strasse

The Clinic "Thalkirchner Strasse" specializiruetsya on the treatment of dermatological diseases, including autoimmune and oncological diseases of the skin. Special focus is counseling patients with AIDS. In the hospital 24 beds for inpatients and more than 130 beds for night stay. The institution works closely with the hospital hospital L. Maximilian.

In the clinic "Thalkirchner Strasse" is taking patients allergist and dermatologist Wilhelm Stolz. Also the hospital has a great dermatologist Thomas Rujiste, which deals with the treatment of skin diseases in adults and children. In the clinic, there are great oncologists, conducting effective treatment of skin tumors.

the Clinic "Thalkirchner Strasse" well-stocked. Here spend latest treatment: micrographic therapy and immunochemotherapy. For accurate diagnosis using the best laboratory equipment, allowing to carry out complex analyses of blood samples of the skin.

Application in the clinic "Thalkirchner Strasse" modern therapeutic techniques, advanced equipment allow us to shorten treatment and make him as comfortable as possible.

Clinic reviews
The doctors didn't know exactly what, but I had a horrible festering boils on the abdomen. All the doctor counted them in the region of 45 Grand. They had to be cut, as the pus could go further and then there would be serious consequences for the entire body! My mother said that the surgery we won't in our clinic, as her friend after surgery at this hospital had a blood infection. She found this on the Internet portal ( and after consultation with the Manager on the site, decided to record me for a consultation to Wilhelm Stoltz in the Clinic Thalkirchner Strasse. Settled after delays with the paperwork, I successfully operated in this clinic. Even scars almost gone, only small dots like. Very satisfied with the treatment.
Long could not understand that with me. I live in Turkey and occasionally I have in the last year began to appear the redness and severe itching. Went here to the local dermatologist, but he prescribed me an ointment for that itch the treatment is over. Once I went to see a friend in Germany just in the period of exacerbation of the disease and she recommended me to go to the Clinic Thalkirchner Strasse. There I and found the retinitis pigmentosum. Had to stay another month there, because this disease required a huge pile of tests! But the service and the service I liked especially the approach of doctors. We would like that in Russia!
My daughter in 14 years appeared psoriaznae times. At first I thought that it was just like beriberi, because the problem appeared just in the winter. But the doctor confirmed that we have psoriasis and prescribe treatment. The problem with this disease that, to date, has not yet invented a 100% effective treatment from her. And it's such a trauma for a teenager! After that, we have to carry to the sea once a year, but it did not help. And once waiting for the appointment at the dermatologist, the woman in the queue, she was nice lady told us about wonderful Dr. Radistka from the clinic Thalkirchner Strasse. We for this information is grabbed, as for saving the stick! Now we have completed the 2-month treatment and while a period of remission. The clinic is very good, and the doctors here are very experienced.
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