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Diagnostic clinic of Munich

3 reviews
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➤ Diagnostic clinic of Munich ➤ Munchen, Germany ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +74954812786​
Main branches:
Modern diagnostic center, specializiruetsya on the diagnosis of diseases and their prevention, using high-tech equipment.
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Doctor  Lars Grenager Lars Grenager

A highly qualified radiologist, specializes in the diagnosis and prevention of various diseases.

About Diagnostic clinic of Munich

In 2002, opened diagnostic clinic of Munich, which quickly took a leading position in quality of medical care in Bavaria. The centre has 6 programs Check-up, including smokers, "fitness", "business". In the clinic there are programs for the prevention of cancer and atherosclerosis.

the Chief physician of the diagnostic clinic of Munich is a highly experienced medic Bernd Derringer. The doctor managed to assemble a team of specialists with high qualifications and extensive medical practice. The clinic employs radiologists, cardiologists, orthopaedists, specialists in sports medicine.

The Diagnostic clinic of Munich has the most modern equipment. This ultra-fast new generation CT and MRI detect tumors less than 2 mm. In the clinic used the PET setting, are indispensable for diagnostics of oncological processes at an early stage. The center has equipment for virtual bronchoscopy, Mr-spectroscopy, digital mammography.

The Diagnostic clinic of Munich is a center that offers the most precise examination of the body, allowing to identify the disease at an early stage. But early diagnosis is the key to successful treatment.

Clinic reviews
With a significant increase in lymph nodes in different places (neck, armpit and groin), I had observed a rise in temperature! I was sweating and lost 6 pounds in a month, while the food I had the same. In the end, my family, seeing as I feel bad, decided to take me to a good diagnostic center - clinic Munich, as these symptoms were just talking about the possibility that I have cancer. In the end, Dr. Lars Grenacher diagnosed me with lymphoma stage 3. I am now undergoing treatment and I'm glad I still have a chance to recover!
Heredity I'm not very good, and cancer I have had almost all of my distant relatives. There are those cases and long treatment, and deaths. In General, I'm 52 and I have had suspected stomach cancer. Long to explain what was happening, but our cancer center is a bureaucracy divorced. There's a huge queue, even for the treatment of a charge, so I never got to contact him. A colleague at work told me how his friend went to a good diagnostic center in Germany, where he found a tumor in the kidney is less than 2 mm and in a timely manner prevented the development of cancer. I am very interested in this information and asked for the data of this clinic. It was the Diagnostic clinic of Munich. By booking a consultation, I went up there in two weeks. Visa was delayed so long. The place hired a translator from the German language to make it easier to communicate with your doctor. The result: I have cancer still got 5 mm. Made me esophagogastroduodenoscopy and x-ray of the stomach. Now preparing for surgery.
I Express my gratitude to Dr. Bernd Derringer of the Diagnostic clinic of Munich, who promptly was able to identify my chondroma. Before that about a year ago I fell in the street, broke his arm, although the fall was negligible. Drinking the calcium after that. The fragility of bones freaked me out. In the end, decided to explore the bones in the center and I was diagnosed with swelling of the bone with enlightenment on the problem. Took a biopsy revealed the disease. Now I have it removed, but said that possible future recurrence, therefore, should be seen every six months.
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