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Diagnostic clinic is a multidisciplinary medical facility specializing in the testing and treatment of various diseases.
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German Diagnostic Clinic - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Gernot Shtuler Gernot Shtuler
A A leading hematologist specialist, head of the department of bone marrow transplantation
Doctor  Inge Vissen-Zigert Inge Vissen-Zigert
A A leading an audiologist, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of ENT diseases.
Doctor  Klaus Mariya Yosten Klaus Mariya Yosten
Head of the Department of Oncology and Hematology, specializes in the treatment of various tumors, and blood diseases.
Doctor  Tim Khirshe Tim Khirshe
Head of the Department of Thoracic Surgery, specializes in the treatment of malignant and benign tumors.
Doctor  Karl Kirshmayer Karl Kirshmayer
A senior physician in the field of rheumatology, Angiology and Hemostasis, specializes in the treatment of vascular diseases, the identification of thrombosis, rheumatoid arthritis, metabolic disorders and other diseases.
About clinic German Diagnostic Clinic

German Diagnostic Clinic was founded in 1970. Inspired by the high standards of the American Mayo clinic. The centre is well respected in the medical community and the confidence of his patients. It is the largest clinic of dialysis and bone marrow transplantation in Germany.

More than 90 highly qualified specialists of the German Diagnostic Clinic work daily on the production of diagnoses and prescribe effective and gentle treatment. The doctor is a prominent scientific figures, conduct own research and develop advanced methods of treatment.

In the German Diagnostic Clinic is a high-precision laboratory and diagnostic equipment, allowing to reveal diseases at early stages. In the centre apply the methods of modern therapy, radiation medicine, effective method of treatment using radioactive iodine.

German Diagnostic Clinic creates the most comfortable conditions for patients: a more intimate 130 beds in modern wards, 20 beds for dialysis. This allows you to make an accurate diagnosis in record time and immediately start treatment.

Clinic reviews
I had malignant melanoma on my stomach. Cauterized it with a laser and so the doctors did surgery roughly what I was left with a strong red mark on the site of the mole. And despite the fact that this track grew! I began to worry because was afraid of new tumors. Treatment looked a good person, and so I met with Klaus Maria Istenen of the German Diagnostic Clinic. It is not enough that he liked me as a person, and spoke accurately and to the point and not like my previous doctor. He took my tests and prepares me for re-operation. Sorry, left the tumorous region and you want to apply cyber knife this time!
My husband and I live in Wiesbaden (Germany) for 10 years and us this town is really like. But medicine is on a very high level. I gave childbirth at 34 weeks here at the German Diagnostic Clinic a month ago. It was hard to watch my baby, but he came here and now his life is in danger. Thank you doctors for your help and also for the sensitivity and professionalism!
After a few microinfarcts I was in a bad condition. What can I say, I'm 65 years old two months old. The doctor said I needed ablation of heart tissue, otherwise it can not survive! Brother immediately teamed up and found me a couple of clinics in Germany where they make this kind of transaction. Chose between the charité and the German Diagnostic Clinic. But the doctor Martin Brittain very impressed, so she was operated. The clinic itself was clean and cosy with good people. Everything went well and I now step back a little and feel good.
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