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Medical high school Hannover

➤ Medical high school Hannover ➤ Hannover, Germany ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
Medical high school of Hannover, is one of the leaders in their field in Germany, thanks to modern diagnostic techniques and high qualification of medical staff. The hospital has a full range of medical services, including transplantological cardiac surgery, treatment of tumor diseases, neurosurgery, emergency and plastic surgery.
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Medical high school Hannover - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Karsten Framme Karsten Framme
Carsten Framm - chief physician, professor and PhD, is the Department of Ophthalmology at the Medical School of Hannover and the highest is a highly qualified expert in his field.
Doctor  Thomas Lenarts Thomas Lenarts
Thomas Lenarts - an outstanding expert in the field of otolaryngologist, who holds a doctorate in practice confirming the position of Chief vracha.On included in the list of the best specialists in Germany.
Doctor  Jürgen Klempnauer Jürgen Klempnauer
Jürgen Klempnauer - a great specialist in the field of general and abdominal surgery, chief physician, professor and doctor of science.
Doctor  Axl Gaverikh Axl Gaverikh
Axel Geber - an eminent cardiac surgeon, who proved their worth in the field of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. Largely due to his cardiac surgery department of the Medical School Hannover highest recommended FOCUS magazine as one of the best in the world.
Doctor  Henning Windhagen Henning Windhagen
The head physician of one of the most prestigious orthopedic clinics - Henning Windhagen - is a doctor of medical sciences and is considered one of the best specialists in their field.
About clinic Medical high school Hannover

In 1965 in Germany was opened the medical high school of Hannover (INN). This place has the highest medical level, is considered to be one of the world's best hospitals at the University. It is the largest research centre that meets international quality standards. He leads in the total amount of grants received each year for scientific work.

In Medical high school Hannover (INN) has the best doctor and researchers: podiatrists, dermatologists, pediatricians, gynecologists and allergists, cardiologists. Only works in a hospital 1291 experienced doctors, more than 2,500 technical personnel, more than 1,000 nurses and almost 500 scientists.

Medical high school Hannover equipped with the best diagnostic, surgical and laboratory equipment, and robotics. This allows to annually save the lives of more than 57 thousand patients a year.

Medical high school Hannover allows young doctors to gain invaluable experience from their famous colleagues. Patients not only receive first-class care and treatment at the highest level, but close attention to interns, residents and famous doctors. This ensures a flawless, modern and fast treatment.

Clinic reviews
I want to say a huge thank you to jürgen Klempnauer from the Medical high school Hannover, for the successful operation to remove part of the inflamed large intestine my mother. Our doctors cautiously took this job, so we refused their services in favor of the transaction a foreign expert with extensive experience who advised us to friends. And we are very excited about this! Mom was discharged and we're heading home!
Scary to lose your eyesight and be in complete darkness! I thought I had that with my severe case of cataracts at the age of 63 years did not do anything and I lose vision, but with the help of Dr. Frame from the Medical high school Hannover, I managed to save the eyesight! Special thanks to my daughter for treatment because the most me would never master in a lifetime. The center is also very like me and that even surprised me, I didn't feel like a hospital.
A year ago began to feel the unpleasant sensation of pain in the chest. This was associated with a hiatal hernia of the diaphragm, and the doctor told me about such a link spoken. At the last examination, I have found hydroperiod to 10 mm of liquid. The result - pericarditis. But the diagnosis gave me not my doctor in Russia, expert from Germany, Axel Haverich. My doctor is all conjecture and could not accurately diagnose. Learned about it on a medical forum, wrote one grateful patient. Since then, came to him for treatment in the Medical high school of Hannover. Here I liked very much, all very helpful and polite. And my doctor even speaks a little Russian. I will be here for treatment a couple of months, depending on how it goes.
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