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Stylish private ortho centre located in the heart of Munich. Founder Dr. Lille is a Professor of the medical faculty of the oldest German University in Heidelberg, whose Department of Orthopaedics is recognized as one of the best in the world.
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Doctor  Christoph Lill Christoph Lill
Recognized as an expert in innovative arthroscopic surgery, minimally invasive orthopedics operations on joints, and foot surgery
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I work as a music teacher in school, experience more than 25 years. The last 10 years I have had severe osteoarthritis in his neck. Suffered, of course, but even got used to it. But recently I have slept numb hands! And then elbows to shoulders. In General, the sensitivity has disappeared altogether. After all the tests I put different diagnoses, but they are then not confirmed. I began to look different clinics and reviews about doctors online. And found "his" doctors from ortho center Dr. Lille. This doctor made me an effective injections of cortisone in the shoulder, with the correct diagnosis - tendonitis. Life without numb hands - this is something new for me! Thank you
Dance was my everything. I myself have often performed at various competitions in street dance and hip-hop. All this lasted until I was 29 (about 14 years). Went to the podiatrist and he said that I had slippage of the vertebrae, and all this for active sports. And added that about sports I forget forever, otherwise it will become invalid. It was a terrible blow, because dancing for me was like a breath of fresh air. I was very depressed then, but he gradually started to put up. Just at the last competition I met a girl we were Dating for two years, and she told me about ortho center Dr. Lille in Germany. She was treated there a few years ago. And now, after talking with the doctor personally, it really cheered me up! Now I had already had the operation and it was successful. Now I'm in rehab and the doctor says, if through the floor, the spine will be fine, I can continue to play sports in the future!
Thank you very much Dr. Lille for a spine! Surgery to replace the intervertebral disc was successful, although I was afraid of failure. This clinic advised me to a colleague at work, who also was treated by this doctor from osteoarthritis. I am very satisfied with the treatment, although it cost me a pretty penny here. Well, health is more expensive, so it is not worth saving.
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