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High quality care, attentive service, comfortable atmosphere conducive to healing — all this is combined in the PAN-clinic. Specialists of the clinic, individually or in collaboration with colleagues, consult, diagnose and treatment at a high level.
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PAN clinic - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Georg Mansmann Georg Mansmann
He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hormonal disorders and diseases of the internal glands, internal medicine, endocrinology and diabetology
Doctor  Yorg Andreas Larzen Yorg Andreas Larzen
He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of various skin diseases, through the use of aesthetic laser and allergy therapies.
Doctor  Roland Goldbranner Roland Goldbranner
A highly skilled neurosurgeon, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of various spinal and brain diseases.
Doctor  Stefan Palm Stefan Palm
A A leading gynecologist, endocrinologist, head of department of gynecology.
Doctor  Paul Dzh. Altmann Paul Dzh. Altmann
He specializes in the treatment of patients with diseases and injuries of the feet and hands.
About clinic PAN clinic

PAN-clinic consists of 14 well-equipped offices, who work in 25 areas of medicine. At the clinic 32 beds for inpatients and also prepared the chamber for the day hospital, the Wake-up postoperative. This elite clinic specializing in an individual approach to each patient. Annually here pass treatment not less than 7 thousand patients, performed more than 3 thousand operations.

PAN-clinic work here are such outstanding specialists as Professor Herrmann, a vascular surgeon Ulla Holthausen, proctologist Hartmut Schaefer. Highly skilled professionals are constantly learning new methods of conservative and surgical treatment.

PAN-clinic has 7 superbly equipped operating rooms, robotics and other modern equipment. Diagnostic capabilities are also huge: all types of x-rays, MRI, CT, EGC, angiography, digital mammography, scintigraphy, ultrasound, pneumocystography, bone scan and more.

PAN-clinic is a fully equipped facility, which offers accurate and quick diagnosis and provide the best medical care.

Clinic reviews
I just retired and immediately the disease began to haunt me! First found inflammation of the pancreas, and then the cardiologist diagnosed ventricular septal defect. Told the daughter, I have a therapist and she sent me to be treated in the PAN-clinic in Germany, so she advised her colleague at work. Dr. Ulla Holthausen immediately took my case and operated on me a week later. Now I'm still in the clinic, the operation was difficult, but she managed. From the anesthesia, I quickly departed. I'm in rehab and it is not yet clear feel. But still grateful to the doctor for a job well done.
Went with a friend to Germany in Cologne. Was insurance traveling abroad. On the street abruptly left me in the fever, began to appear, cutting and piercing pain in my stomach and I almost fainted. Lena called the hotline and they took me to the PAN-clinic. As it turned out I had acute abscess. We need to operate immediately! Well at least I was operated on Hartmut Schaefer, as I learned later, he was almost the best proctologist in Germany and a practicing surgeon. Now I'm home and in recovery. My health is out of danger.
I am 55 and recently when ultrasound of the uterus I have fibroids. In General, I came with complaints of pain in the left ovary and did not expect such a turn of events. Needed surgery to remove the tumor. I was really scared and in the end my husband, climb on all sorts of medical portals, found positive information about PAN-clinic. There was a very good gynecologist - Stefan Palm trees. Organizers of treatment signed me up to him for advice and with the assistance of an interpreter, we talked. I flew to him after 1.5 weeks after an online consultation. Me right from the airport pick up the car from the clinic that I was very pleased, as I abroad was the first time. I was operated on immediately, but while collecting all sorts of tests. And just after 5 days, had a successful surgery.
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