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The academic hospital Cologne Merheim-Holweide has a wide range of work, but is separately gynecology and medical assistance during labor and delivery, urology and radiology. A special feature of this clinic is minimal use of invasive methods of therapy without sacrificing quality of treatment.
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The academic hospital Cologne Merheim-Holweide - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Michael Weiss Michael Weiss
Michael Weiss - a successful pediatrician Academic Clinic Cologne-Merhaym Holvayde, MD and chief physician.
Doctor  Thomas Bemers Thomas Bemers
Thomas Bёmers - German children's surgeon and urologist, skilled in their field, MD.
Doctor  Wolfram Windish Wolfram Windish
Wolfram Windish - outstanding German pulmonologist and thoracic surgeon, Doctor of Medicine and one of the chief physicians of the Academic Clinic Cologne-Merhaym Holvayde..
Doctor  Wolfgang Arns Wolfgang Arns
Wolfgang Arns - a true expert in the field of internal medicine and nephrology, one of the A leading physicians of the Academic Clinic Cologne-Merhaym Holvayde.
Doctor  Axel Meissner Axel Meissner
A magnificent a specialist in cardiology and internal medicine, Axel Meissner has established itself as one of the best doctors in their field.
About clinic The academic hospital Cologne Merheim-Holweide

Academic clinic Cologne Merheim-Holweide is an excellent University clinics, where the luminaries of medicine teach gifted young doctors. These medical centers use the latest achievements for the successful, gentle, rapid treatment of patients. Complex academic hospitals glorified minimally invasive modern surgical treatment with the use of robotics, laparoscopic and endoscopic techniques.

In the Academic hospital Cologne Merheim-Holweide the condition of patients is constantly monitored by experienced famous doctors, as well as talented young professionals. It treats patients great endocrinologist Professor Eisenberger, obstetrician-gynecologist Professor Neuhaus and other professionals of global significance.

Academic clinic Cologne Merheim-Holweide secured the best equipment for a complete examination, therapeutic and surgical treatment.

In the Academic hospital Cologne Merheim-Holweide unable to effective treatment, respect and a comfortable in-patient conditions, patients with oncological, pulmonology, endocrine and other violations.

Clinic reviews
A hernia umbilical cord was diagnosed to my Jaroslav after childbirth. Fortunately, we at that time was in Cologne with my husband, he worked there and we lived there for 3 months. Needed surgery, because the hernia would not have passed. Appealed to the Academic hospital Cologne Merheim-Holweide Dr. Thomas Bemers. He did everything first class and our son is now a healthy boy!
Here doing abdominoplasty have a remarkable surgeon, but in General nice and positive person - Pavel Fuchs (University clinic Cologne Merheim-Holweide). Everything was done without a hitch. Even the recovery period I moved fairly easily! And I read about him on the forum about the plastic Chirurgie. Thank you very much for your excellent work!
I had tears during childchildbirth, but I thought all self-heal. But all of this has led to endocervicitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the cervix). Needed qualified help, because the inflammation can go on to have unfortunate consequences. My Director just came from a trip from Germany and said that his friend highly recommends the Academic hospital Cologne Merheim-Holweide, because there was one of the best States doctors. Now I've been here for a month observed. Live near the clinic in a small hotel. The clinic is spacious and light. I here do not bother. And my last tests were good, which is good news.
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