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The Barcelona Institute of ocular Microsurgery (IMO)

➤ The Barcelona Institute of ocular Microsurgery (IMO) ➤ Frankfurt, Germany ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
The clinic is a division of Frankfurt University Goethe. Providing the best healthcare for patients is a fundamental priority for the University hospital.
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The Barcelona Institute of ocular Microsurgery (IMO) - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Robert Sader Robert Sader
A A leading specialist surgeon in maxillofacial and plastic surgery.
Doctor  Sven Bekker Sven Bekker
A highly qualified gynecologist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases and mammography.
Doctor  Wolf Bekhshteyn Wolf Bekhshteyn
Head of the Department of General and Visceral Surgery.
Doctor  Thomas Shmitts-Riksen Thomas Shmitts-Riksen
The best specialist in the field of vascular and endovascular surgery.
Doctor  Udo Rolle Udo Rolle
A talented children's surgeon, has been treating surgical diseases in children up to 18 years.
About clinic The Barcelona Institute of ocular Microsurgery (IMO)

History of the University hospital Goethe has more than one hundred years, it is in the ranking of the best hospitals by the magazine "Focus". The structure of the hospital includes more than 10 departments: psychiatry, orthopedics, plastic surgery, Nephrology, internal diseases and other. The hospital prepared with 1,300 seats, allowing you to take more than 46 thousand patients annually. 176 outpatients annually treated thousands of patients.

At the University hospital of Goethe's works 3 thousand nurses and more than 1,000 scientific and medical bodies. Center of therapy and diagnostics, led by Professor Stefan Zeuzem. Professor Vail responsible for the radiology Department. Department of General surgery headed by Professor Bechstein.

University hospital Goethe has excellent equipment: ultrasound equipment, MRI, CT, all types x-ray equipment. Operating rooms are prepared for the complex operations on the ENT organs, maxillofacial Department, joints, brain, abdominal organs.

University hospital Goethe has established itself as an excellent medical-diagnostic complex and the scientific community highly appreciated the work of the research center.

Clinic reviews
Living in Germany already for 10 years and when I decided to do a blepharoplasty, you already knew that better than Dr. Sader of the University hospital Goethe for me. He operated on 2 of my friends and very successfully. Since I didn't want to fall into the sad statistics of failed plastic, then decided to do it here this operation. As a result, everything went well, anesthesia is normally suffered and even the recovery period was quite easy for me. I have no complaints!
My grandfather was a progressive rhinophyma. We couldn't watch him suffering. His nose just inflated! He was just purple and looked like a ball. In addition to aesthetic ugliness, this disease could lead to complete blockage of the nasal passages, and as a consequence lead to respiratory failure. In General, we all came together and decided to operate the grandfather abroad, as he had a weak heart and need a good anesthesiologist. Chose between University hospital Goethe and Clinic Northwest. In the end, the latter was excluded, since the price is not met. Operated grandfather Robert Sader is an excellent surgeon with lots of experience. Now comes the recovery period. TFA, but it is good!
My boy is 1.5 years we found undescended testicle. Then Axel Haferkamp of the University hospital Goethe confirmed the diagnosis and told us to operative intervention, because without it, the boy would be big problems with spermatogenesis and as a result, possible infertility in the future. In General, of course it was scary, but this surgery was necessary. The good doctor was nice and the clinic itself is one of the best Germany had. Everything went well and my boy is now healthy!
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