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Orthopedics , Psychiatry , Therapy
Multidisciplinary clinic consisting of a therapeutic offices, orthopedic offices and departments of psychosomatic disorders.
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The Clinic Of Dr. Franz Dengler - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Norbert Urzel Norbert Urzel
A highly qualified podiatrist, orthopedics department heads.
Doctor  Klaus Funke Klaus Funke
A A leading specialist in internal medicine.
Doctor  Christoph Froylikh Christoph Froylikh
An outstanding specialist in the field of psychosomatic medicine.
About clinic The Clinic Of Dr. Franz Dengler

In 1890, on the wave of popularity of spas was established the clinic of Dr. Franz Dengler. Today, the clinic provides rehabilitation and therapy. In the hospital of 210 beds in the wards, equipped for a relaxing stay and comfortable stay. In the institution help the patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system, back pain, metabolic or digestive processes, obesity. Here, recovered patients with a history of heart surgery, including bypass surgery or the implantation of a pacemaker.

At the clinic of Dr. Franz Dengler, there are excellent orthopedists, internists, cardiologists, and physiotherapists, masseurs and balneologists. Here apply medication, special exercises, acupuncture and other methods.

the Clinic of Dr. Franz Dengler has the equipment to do an ECG, long-term pressure monitoring, ultrasound, Doppler studies of internal organs. There are also special baths for the treatment of water and mud.

the Clinic of Dr. Franz Dengler – place, in which all methods are used for recovering patients. Therefore, rehabilitation takes place here in a short time.

Clinic reviews
Good evening, my name is Kayrat, i'm from Kyrgyzstan(Central Asia ), and i have charcot marie tooth disease. I wonder to know, if there is any treatment or any chance to win this disease? Is it possible?
After an accident, I broke my right leg and right arm. The plaster was applied and we went. In the end I didn't heal properly a bone on his arm and needed an operation, otherwise the hand would be in the wrong place then. I looked everywhere on the web and as someone was operated. There was a lot of information and it was difficult to figure out where to do. Went to the portal and request a call back. Manager called me and carefully listened to me. I was asked to choose treatment in Israel, Germany and Poland. But most of all I liked the clinic of Dr. Franz Dengler, in Germany, as it offered excellent rehabilitation after surgery and the price is very suitable for me. Organizers of treatment issued me a visa and sent with the first plane to Germany. I met there the representatives of the clinic and my personal tutor. Chamber my liking, and the doctor is immediately aroused sympathy. In General, I'm not wrong with the place and were very happy!
Treated osteochondrosis of the spine for 2 years. But the therapy not only helped, but also led to a herniated. I thought it not as scary and it will go away, but the pain became unbearable, plus the work is sedentary postponed imprint. Wife on the advice of his friend the doctor sent me for a consultation at the Clinic of Dr. Franz Dengler, a doctor Norbert Ursell. The doctor, though quite young, but talented guy with good experience. He just had knee surgery this doctor and everything went more than well. In General, paying for the surgery, a month ago I went there to intervene. It was scary, but seeing what is there a serious equipment was used, I calmed down a bit. Now I have the difficult rehabilitation period, but the doctor said that I have done and soon will be good as new!
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