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The clinic employs a highly professional team, practicing with the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment.
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The Hospital Of Kloster Grafschaft GmbH - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Petr Khaidl Petr Khaidl
A A leading pulmonologist, pulmonology department heads.
Doctor  Friedrich Riffelman Friedrich Riffelman
A prominent allergist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the entire spectrum of allergic diseases.
Doctor  Dominik Dallveg Dominik Dallveg
A qualified therapist leads the NICU and weaning from mechanical ventilation unit, Department of early rehabilitation after a long stay on the ventilator, Department of sleep medicine and home ventilation.
About clinic The Hospital Of Kloster Grafschaft GmbH

the Main focus of the clinic of Kloster Grafschaft GmbH is the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system. In the clinic, there are special departments: Allergology, pulmonology, sleep medicine. Two compartments spetsializiruyutsya on weaning from artificial ventilation of lungs and recovery after it. The pulmonology Department annually receives more than 4 thousand people, and Allergology – more than 3 thousand.

In the hospital of Kloster Grafschaft GmbH work great doctors, qualified technicians, caring and attentive nurses. The pulmonology Department is headed by Dr. Peter Haidl, Department of Allergology – Dr. Frederick Rifelman. In three departments the chief doctor is excellent doctor Dellweg.

the Hospital of Kloster Grafschaft GmbH equipped with the best equipment for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the respiratory system. Also the hospital has modern laboratory, which allows to quickly obtain accurate test results.

the Hospital of Kloster Grafschaft GmbH helps patients recover after intensive therapy, to get rid of acute respiratory diseases and to improve the quality of life in chronic diseases.

Clinic reviews
After moving to St. Petersburg, I have no reason, no reason began bronchial asthma. Then the doctor has determined that it is from fungal spores, it is known that in the Northern capital is very high humidity. Learning portal the Docklands about good clinic for treatment of my disease, I immediately set out to visit it! Arriving at the Hospital of Kloster Grafschaft GmbH, I came back to the outpatient clinic to Friedrich Rifelman. Now I received treatment and I really hope the seizures stop. And St. Petersburg will have to move as the climate of this city does not suit me.
Children from 3 years tormented by atopic dermatitis. 60 percent of skin affected. Our doctors did not say anything specific, although many tests we passed. Decided to be surveyed in the appropriate place. Through the organizers of treatment went to the Hospital of Kloster Grafschaft GmbH to the doctor Friedrich Riffelmann, as it is a lot of years devoted to the study of such cases, as was ours. Now tests have been positive developments to determine the causes of the disease. I really hope that we are cured.
I'm a fairly young man, I'm only 34 years old, and I didn't think my cold may lead to lung abscess in the acute form. My work crew nature, so being sick once, get on. And in the last month I've consumed alcohol, and that was the development of the disease. Had the chief will ask for leave to unpaid leave to get treatment in Germany. I have an uncle there and lived it I recommend a very good specialist clinic - Kloster Grafschaft GmbH. I was treated different treatments: bronchodilators, expectorant drugs, put inhalations, injections of antibiotics in large doses, and also stimulated the body's defenses. Now I am recovering and will soon go home.
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