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University hospital of Hanover - was founded in 1965, is a clinic with the largest amount of public subsidies in Germany. So in 2011, state subsidies for scientific research amounted to 140 million euros. In 2008, the University hospital of Hanover was recognized as the best University hospital in Germany.
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University hospital Hannover - Germany
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University hospital of Hannover is the largest network of medical institutions not only in Germany but throughout Western Europe. It has the highest status of the fourth degree: the funds for financing come from the city Treasury. As the best medical center in Germany, it is exclusively equipped with the most modern equipment — this allows the doctors to accept patients with intractable and rare diseases.

University hospital of Hannover brings together 38 institutions (including 18 specialized departments) and numerous research laboratories. Every year in the centers of Hanover are treated and diagnosed more than two hundred thousand patients — both inpatient and outpatient.

Among professionals working in the University hospital, are laureates of prestigious international awards, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor. They are 90 highly specialized medical fields, developing new methods of treating heart disease in newborns and adults.

University hospital of Hannover is one of the most well-equipped in the world. It uses the latest CT scan machines, MRI, EEG, and used the installation for carrying out minimally invasive operations. Because of this, there is no disease that doctors refused to treat.

Clinic reviews
Was examined and treated in Moscow for a long time and practically without result. As if falling into the abyss – I feel the sickness in you is growing every day worse, and accurate diagnosis as there was no and no. To Germany went, with a medical card in size with "War and peace". And there is me from the first moment, they say, "took in hand" the tremendous number of tests, studies, advice from 4 professionals. As a result, the diagnosis (which I suspected, but its hard not to have found our doctors). All, now only to be treated and recover!
Professor Michael Jagodzinski – the person who gets the joy of movement. Will tell, sounds too pretentious? And you try not to be able to walk normally when you are only 24 years old, And when only adrenaline can give you a feeling of fullness of life! After what you've done for me Michael, I consider him my second father. And do not fear that, perhaps, I can not remember. I really was born again when six months after the operation was again able to overcome the most difficult descent in Stupino. On stage – the first parachute jump.
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