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University hospital of Marburg

➤ University hospital of Marburg ➤ Marburg, Germany ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
The first private University hospital in Germany. Specializiruetsya on treatment, diagnosis, therapeutic procedures in accordance with the highest international standards.
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University hospital of Marburg - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  K. Barsh K. Barsh
A highly skilled surgeon, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the intestine, glands, lungs and blood vessels outside of the chest.
Doctor  Kh. Nimski Kh. Nimski
A A leading neurosurgeon, head of neurosurgery department.
Doctor  S. Fuks-Vinkelman S. Fuks-Vinkelman
A prominent expert in the field of orthopedics and rheumatology.
Doctor  Andreas Neff Andreas Neff
The best specialist in maxillofacial surgery.
Doctor  Bernkhard Shifer Bernkhard Shifer
A talented specialist cardiologist, head of the department of cardiology.
About clinic University hospital of Marburg

University hospital of Marburg is a huge area consisting of 40 branches. It is noteworthy that the hospital cooperates closely with two large German universities. So here are the advanced technology and the latest achievements in medicine. This helps in the diagnosis, treatment, and establishing the causes of disease. Each year the hospital inpatient takes 43 thousand people, and another 145 thousand on an outpatient basis.

University hospital of Marburg has a great staff of 8500 people. It is not only doctors, but computer experts, technicians, nurses and even chefs. Here work is visceral and thoracic surgeon Professor Bach, orthopedist and traumatologist Dr. Buchholz, anesthesiologist Professor Woolf and other luminaries of medicine.

University hospital of Marburg has top-notch diagnostic equipment: ECG, MRI, CT, laboratory equipment. Operating features of computer equipment necessary for patient monitoring.

University hospital of Marburg uses the latest achievements of scientists for the treatment of chronic and acute diseases, including pathologies of the heart, genitourinary system, gastrointestinal tract.

Clinic reviews
For a long time I have aching bones and joints. The doctors all blamed on osteoporosis and Xandros. After that, already tired from its collapsed condition, I had a consultation via Skype with Dr. Fuchs-Winkelmann from the University hospital Marburg in Germany. I knew the language, so it was easy to communicate with her. In the end, I came here for a diagnosis, because it applies the most advanced equipment for diseases of the musculoskeletal system. After a complete examination for all body systems, I have found the Paget's disease and I am now undergoing medical treatment at the clinic.
My child was born with a diagnosis of cleft palate. He had full two-way nezareatmene soft and hard palate. We knew that the sooner he gets out of surgery, the more likely that this defect in the future so we will see. Advised us clinic (University hospital Marburg) one mom from our house, we had a conversation just on the court. After prior consultation, we went to Germany, where we operated. Let's see what will happen next, yet say something about the results difficult. God forbid you so!
Thank you Dr. Fuchs-Winkelmann from the University hospital of Marburg for your help in the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis. To cope with this disease is important to find your specialist, which I found through an Internet forum on Orthopaedics. I'm fine now and I am very glad that I now have no stiffness in the movement and his overall condition was like 15 years I took off! Thank you!
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