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Cardiology and a heart surgery in clinics of Koln

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General information

The foreign cardiological centers accept foreign patients with diseases of heart and blood system of any complexity. In the largest clinics the leading cardiologists, cardiosurgeons, therapists, diagnosticians and doctors of adjacent areas are engaged in treatment.

Advantages of medical treatment abroad

The main feature of cardiology abroad providing according to experts, the maximum effect even in difficult cases - the integrated approach to inspection directed to confirmation or a denial of the diagnosis made early. For diagnostics MRI and PET, holterovsky monitoring, a katerization, a doppler and EhoKG, a X-ray and an angiography, radio isotropic technologies, innovative load and laboratory tests are used.

Cardiology abroad: features of treatment and diagnostics

The differentiated methods of drug and surgical treatment of a heart attack, stenosis, arrhythmia, tumors, aneurism and other diseases of cardiovascular system in the foreign centers of cardiology, as a rule, include:

  • angioplasty;
  • steniration;
  • aortocoronary shunting;
  • skin closing of an ear of the left auricle;
  • implantation of peysmaker;
  • radio-frequency abilyation;
  • plasticity and replacement of vessels and valves;
  • heart transplantation;
  • removal of tumors.
You can call to +7 499 348 2738 or The medical consultant will tell about all aspects of treatment in Germany .
После очередной тренировки получил серьезную травму - частичный разрыв порции двухглавой мышцы бедра. Получил хорошее лечение у нас, но отголоски боли остались. Когда ходил на повторное обследование, снимки ничего не показывали. Читал информацию по...
Дмитрий, 36 years
We found 4 clinics specialized in cardiology and a heart surgery with cumulative rating
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Hospital Porz am Rhein, University of Cologne
Interdisciplinary cooperation of all the centers and departments of the hospital Porz am Rhein allows for effective and timely treatment of rheumatic diseases using modern imaging techniques in HD and special methods of laboratory diagnostics.
Contact clinic
+7 499 348 2738 (free)
English speaking staff
Reliable alternative!
PAN clinic
High quality care, attentive service, comfortable atmosphere conducive to healing — all this is combined in the PAN-clinic. Specialists of the clinic, individually or in collaboration with colleagues, consult, diagnose and treatment at a high level.
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+7 499 348 2738 (free)
English speaking staff
The academic hospital Cologne Merheim-Holweide
The academic hospital Cologne Merheim-Holweide has a wide range of work, but is separately gynecology and medical assistance during labor and delivery, urology and radiology. A special feature of this clinic is minimal use of invasive methods of ...
Contact clinic
+7 499 348 2738 (free)
English speaking staff
Was truly impressed by the technological progress in Spain. CRM clinics allows you to see the results of my surveys from anywhere in the world. now for the re-examination I don't need to go to Spain, even though I love Barcelona. I being in India can come to the doctor, to show him over the Internet my story and to get his conclusion.
My childhood was heart problems (intermittent pain). At first it was blamed on puberty, vegetative-vascular dystonia, but by 30 I began to feel that it is time for all age-related changes to end. Only in the clinic “Vivantes” I was able to make a diagnosis. Maybe it's the equipment, which is not in Russia, may be, in respect of doctors. Now I get treated in Germany, and finally start to forget about “heart” problems.
At 8 months pregnant I was diagnosed hypertension, the analysis showed protein in the urine, suffered from terrible swelling and was generally kind of depressed. The doctor said that it's really dangerous and can lead to eclampsia. We the entire family decided to consult a good gynecologist. Advised to me by a colleague at work Werner Mendling from Germany. He gave childbirth to her daughter. Though the treatment at the clinic Wuppertal was not cheap, but we still decided to apply it here, because they were afraid for my health and the health of the child. Now I'm almost 37 week and all is well! Waiting for the childbirth. Plan to have it here.
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The best doctors of Germany
Doctor  K.A. Shnayder K.A. Shnayder

He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Doctor  Stefan Baldus Stefan Baldus

An outstanding specialist cardiologist, head of Department of Cardiology, Angiology, Pulmonology, Pneumology and Intensive Care.

Doctor  Konrad Brokmayer Konrad Brokmayer

He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease in children, both congenital and acquired.

Doctor  Axel Meissner Axel Meissner

A magnificent a specialist in cardiology and internal medicine, Axel Meissner has established itself as one of the best doctors in their field.

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