Hospital Porz am Rhein, University of Cologne

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Interdisciplinary cooperation of all the centers and departments of the hospital Porz am Rhein allows for effective and timely treatment of rheumatic diseases using modern imaging techniques in HD and special methods of laboratory diagnostics.
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Hospital Porz am Rhein, University of Cologne - Germany
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Doctor  Yokhannes Strunk Yokhannes Strunk
A unique professor rheumatologist treats systemic connective tissue disease
About clinic Hospital Porz am Rhein, University of Cologne

the Combined use of modern methods of treatment:

  • drug therapy
  • physical therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • surgery
  • minimally invasive punctures

allow us to give patients comprehensive care with the latest achievements of medical science and medical practice.

Clinic reviews
I had this problem: 6 months in ultrasound the picture set the delay ecificatio tbs. We were 15 procedures of electrophoresis, massage courses and regularly visited a podiatrist. 1.5 years passed since that moment everything seems to be fine already, but the doctor again took the picture and was diagnosed spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia. Went to a few specialists, but a definite answer for diagnosis is not obtained. And then we have a relative visiting from Germany and was recommended to us by the hospital Роrz am Rhein, University of Cologne. I'm interested in! After a month, get a visa, we left with the child. The doctor was the sweetest man, and the hospital surprised with the excellent equipment of various equipment and polite staff. He is now undergoing treatment here, the doctor confirmed the diagnosis, but assured us of positive outcome!
At 35 I suffered a heart attack. Was still an avid bodybuilder! No sports hall at all anywhere. But then after recovery, the doctors allowed me once again to visit the gym. After a few sessions I again became ill. My condition was severe and needed a good specialist. My parents have taken me with the help of the organizers of treatment in the hospital Роrz am Rhein, University of Cologne. Now I'm out of danger, as it helped me. Doctors quickly and efficiently all done! Now I rest and am glad it is over.
After another workout, he suffered a serious injury - a partial tear of a portion of the two-headed muscle of the thigh. Received good treatment from us, but the echoes of the pain remained. When I went to re-examination, the pictures showed nothing. Read the information on my problem, even consulted a coach, but he said nothing good. Turned in so they I found a good clinic and experienced doctor. Now I came for consultation to the Attention of Johannes Hospital Роrz am Rhein, University of Cologne, and I have already treated, after passing the necessary tests. Hospital by the way was very cozy, the house is decorated in a very stylish cream color, and reminded me of my hotel in Spain (5 stars) when I was there on vacation 2 years ago.
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