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The main criterion of scoping of the market of medical services is the statistics. In the last two years, the number of the inquiries connected with treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism considerably increased in the Russian Internet. Frequency of search of the narcological help with various directions, increased from 20 to 100%. Such statistics is not for us surprising. During crisis the level of depressive frustration among a wide part of the population always increases that in the Russian tradition means increase alcohol consumption, often to that stage when medical care is necessary. Though official data speak to us about decrease in sales of alcohol, it is necessary to understand that it is only about excise alcohol. The Russian market is still full counterfeit alcohol and the volume of illegal production of alcoholic substitutes does not give in to statistics. The correct conclusions need to be drawn not on the basis of the accounting of amount of the drunk excise alcohol on one person a year, and being guided by real statistics of addresses of patients for the narcological help. Here we see a steady tendency of growth of direct addresses to doctors of narcological clinics, and growth of information requests connected with narcology in general.

Frequency of inquiries in Yandex|Google of the keyword "narcologist" for the last 2 years May, 2014 by May, 2016 grew by 1,5 times from 90 000 inquiries to 170 000 inquiries a month.

Increases in frequency of requests of drug addicts for medical care, confirms effective measures for fight against drug trafficking. Difficulties of acquisition and the cost of narcotic substances in the black market, fortunately, forces many dependent people to see doctors, but not to look for the next portion of the absolute evil. However, treatment of patients with drug addiction often comes down to knocking over of an abstinence syndrome (withdrawal pains), and not enough attention is paid to social rehabilitation. In our country there are obviously not enough specialized centers of complex treatment and social rehabilitation of patients with drug addiction and alcoholism.

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Я теперь знаю, что сам загнал себя в эту болезнь и не случайно получил хроническую боль в спине. Сидячий образ жизни и офисная работа, да еще и 35 кг лишнего веса привели к такому результату. Да и возраст уже был под 50. В общем, мучился я с этим...
Павел, 49 years
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International medical centre ", Vivantes" (Berlin)
The German health network , Vivantes" is the largest state network of clinics in Germany. Serving 500,000 patients annually, "Vivantes" is a leading group of hospitals in Berlin where he works a more than 13 000 employees, 9 locations in which a ...
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Clinic Schwabing
Is one of the best clinics not only in Germany but also in Europe, thanks to high-tech modern equipment, high level of service.
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Thank the doctor that saved my husband, and with him and me and our children. No exaggeration. Watch as killed native people, and how this affects children - it is unbearably painful. When I found the clinic, and all agreed, was very afraid that her husband will not agree. But he hasn't said a word, but just started to get on the road. And during treatment all the instructions of doctors performed clearly tried. Now we have six months living as if he doesn't there is a "black" period.
More than 5 years ago I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the prostate (T3N0M0). I have started to put anti-androgenic therapy. Injections of Zoladex and casodex. But still my condition was stable and there was no improvement. I have spat on all this low-intensity treatment and decided to seek specialized medical centre where I was given a normal treatment. Just planned a vacation and I was going on holiday to Korea, because I love their culture, and life's not long, and I want the world to see and many places to visit. In this case it was decided to make inquiries and consultation of the urologist and oncologist. Learned that there is a good specialist in the medical center SAM. There and asked. Now they have, so they took 2 months at their own expense. I want to finally be cured already!
Ella Yuhaeva
Decided to appeal to the Israeli doctors on its own initiative, when he realized that dying in the Prime of life. Of course, they have this whole system is debugged and are long running. Probably because they have drunk in the street no. But I believe that Russia can do without the vodka. And even without the beer. I came home, yet not stalling, what's most surprising. Well, if you lose it, the path already trodden. I wish you all only lead a healthy lifestyle. From the music to only listen to Mozart, and from the TV, only discovery channel. And everything will be OK.
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