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Christian medical College and hospital is not only a medical institution but also a research Institute. The hospital used modern treatment methods and high-tech equipment.
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Christian medical College and hospital  - India
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About clinic Christian medical College and hospital

Christian medical College and hospital is a multidisciplinary clinic, the specialists of which not only provide services in different areas of medicine, but also engaged in scientific activity. The structure of the organization consists of six private laboratories — Virology, biochemistry, Microbiology, immunohematology, General pathology, transfusion medicine — therefore, formulation of diagnoses and examination of patients, physicians centre is a record short periods of time.

the Staff of the Christian medical hospital prefer minimally invasive methods of treatment, therefore, achieve brilliant results, without adverse effects on organs and tissues near pathological focus. Available 3D ultrasound machines, modern scanners, CT scanners, and an innovative video surveillance system that allows you to remove a malignant tumor.

Patients Christian medical College and hospital after rehabilitation treatment can undergo comprehensive rehabilitation. Wishing as quickly as possible to return home is given an individual plan of rehabilitation measures, which includes such items as menus, exercise therapy, physiotherapy and others.

Clinic reviews
Read this topical story about Siamese twins who shared a complicated operation for separation. They did the surgery in Christian medical hospital in India, Mumbai. When my husband came on holiday to this place, we decided to visit this wonderful clinic. She amazed us with its huge size, as we strolled through it. But the chamber was satisfied large and bright. We absolutely do not have the impression that we are in a medical institution. Dr. was very busy, passed, work was in full swing. So those who are labeled in foreign clinics, I can tell you that this hospital is quite high level.
Riding with my boyfriend in Mumbai we had an accident. The fault was not us, as I tried to drive carefully. But in India's crazy traffic, we got off easy! I had multiple bruises, then Paha had a severe concussion as says the doctor from the Christian medical hospital. We were very surprised by the service, as our tests were ready for a couple of hours. We have given them on the hands then. Pasha lay there 2 days in the hospital, but then received a doctor's prescription, let him go to the hotel. Now he's all right, though in the beginning very bad headache.
My husband had a complicated surgery on the knee joint and he needed a good rehabilitation. We decided to go on vacation to India and there in a good climate, to restore the health of the feet of her husband. I learned that in Christian medical College and hospital has a great Department for rehabilitation, including the prescription of patients special diets, physical therapy, physiotherapy and individual approach to each patient. We immediately turned back, really helped us Russian curator of the treatment and translator. Now the husband slowly starts to walk by himself without crutches and we are very happy!
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