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Health Institute Artemis is a medical institution of world level. The main directions of its activities is orthopedics, oncology cardiovascular diseases, neurosurgery, Pediatrics.
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Health Institute Artemis - India
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Anish Gupta Anish Gupta
Talented ENT surgeon. A specialist in the field of functional endoscopic sinus surgery nasal cavity.
Doctor  Vipul Nanda Vipul Nanda
A well-known plastic surgeon, the author's own methods of treatment of cleft lip and cleft palate. Conducts abdominoplasty, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, liposuction.
Doctor  Alok Gupta Alok Gupta
Renowned neurosurgeon, a specialist in the treatment of brain tumors, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease. Conducts operations on peripheral nerves.
Doctor  Ila Gupta Ila Gupta
A specialist in the field of reproductive technologies. Well-known expert on IVF and artificial insemination.
Doctor  S.V. Kotwal S.V. Kotwal
An urologist with extensive experience, percutaneous nephrolithotomy spent more than 4,000 times. He performs a full range of surgical procedures, including sex reassignment surgery.
About clinic Health Institute Artemis

Health Institute Artemis is a accredited Indian medical center of international level. Area, occupying them, is huge — 160 000 sq. m. It allows doctors to simultaneously receive in-patient treatment 550 patients. However, despite impressive statistics, it's rare to see an empty chamber — treatment to the doctors of the health Institute Artemis tend to get patients from different countries of the world.

Local doctors not only prescribed to patients a comprehensive diagnosis and effective treatment, but also to develop individual schemes of rehabilitation. Thanks to all the people who have undergone treatment at the health Institute Artemis, in the shortest time can return to normal life.

Medical equipment used by doctors and hospitals, allows to minimize the number of invasive manipulations. Even heart surgery and removal of cancerous tumors in the center of the Artemis is performed through tiny punctures. Special sensors and video surveillance systems allow surgeons to operate accurately and correctly, not to injure the organs and tissues located near the operated area.

What is important in the clinic, Artemis created optimal conditions for a speedy recovery of patients. All patients are accommodated in comfortable rooms where next to them are always polite and caring nurses.

Clinic reviews
Want two words to tell your story, maybe it will help someone to find hope. 10 years of marriage and 9 years of treatment for infertility. 5 failed inseminate and 2 unsuccessful IVF in Russia. The issue of treatment abroad was in the air for a long time. Chose India, Institute Artemis and wonderful (as was then) Dr. ILA Gupta. Intuitively. Came crooked and it worked! Waiting for the boy, for 28 weeks. Want to say this: ECO is good. And ECO + a change + new experiences + good mood is exactly 4 times better!
A huge thanks to all the staff at the clinic and with a low bow stunning wizard Vipul Nanda, who brilliantly held our one-year-old son an operation for the cleft palate. House doctors asserted that necessary several operations. We could not allow such a izmyvatelstva over the child, so he decided to go to India. Everything went just fine, we're home alone and eat)))
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