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India Institute of medical Sciences is the major medical centre of Delhi where not only treat patients on many fronts, but many doctors are here training and advanced training.
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India Institute of medical Sciences - India
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India Institute of medical Sciences is the main medical institution of the country working in the territory of Delhi. In addition to diagnosing and treating all types of diseases, there is an educational centre for training of students and postgraduates.

In favor of the excellent reputation of all India Institute of medical Sciences to statistics last year, the doctors assist 1 500 000 outpatients and 80,000 inpatients, conduct over 100 000 surgical operations. The company actively introduce new methods of treatment of cardiovascular, cancer and orthopedic diseases.

Technical basis of the all India Institute of medical Sciences is innovative. Because there are trained young professionals, the clinic annually updates the equipment and buys only the most high-precision and high-quality therapeutic and diagnostic devices. This allows local professionals to always put the correct diagnosis and assign treatment to patients, is guaranteed to lead to a full recovery.

Clinic reviews
Very happy that got the survey in Delhi. My husband found a blockage of the coronary vessel – and this is a real threat of a heart attack. Quickly, in a day spent catheterization using a robotic system. Such operations we are only beginning to apply. I was surprised that in India many American doctors, the reason why the level of medicine is so high. And husband was discharged after 4 days. Now everything is fine.
The first time we came to India in 2009 and fell in love with this country and its culture. Since then, coming for the fifth time with the children, relax, do yoga and along the way we pass preventive examinations at the Institute. Once applied here more and more serious about it: did dad (68 years) cardiac surgery. Not everyone, of course, in this wonderful country smoothly, but the level of medicine is what the Indians 100% have the right to be proud of.
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