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Medical center Ha-Emek is the clinical base of medical faculty of Haifa University of technology ("Technion"). The hospital has 25 in-patient wards.
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HaEmek Medical Center - Israel
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Robert Mulner
A wonderful specialist in gynecology and uroginekologii.
Doctor  Reuven Madar Reuven Madar
Reuven Madar is engaged in research and medical practice. Treats acquired and congenital diseases of the joints.
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Clinic reviews
My mother at the age of 47 years was diagnosed with a very unpleasant disease, prolapse of the uterus. She told me not even once told about it, very ashamed. Yes, and the doctor is not addressed! Later, when she was quite uncomfortable, she told me. Fortunately my husband is a med employee and we immediately my mother was sent for treatment to Robert Mullner Medical center Ha-Emek. The treatment course was not cheap, but most importantly, effective! Mom is now very glad to be rid of this disease.
I started dancing hip-hop and after 2 months of training became the back pain! A lot of very head movements had to be done, and of course the load on the back was. One morning I woke up and couldn't turn my neck. Went to the orthopedist and got an x-ray - disc herniation L5-S1. It was very unexpected! I'm only 34 years old, and the hernia was my grandfather, so I knew what it was. Parents on the recommendation of friends sent me to treatment in a Medical centre Ha-Emek. Worked there some of the best surgeons in Israel, as we later learned. Now I'm in rehab after surgery. I liked it here, the house is very cozy, and in the next to me ward is a very nice girl from Germany. We had a great friends here and so I am not bored!
Dr. Madar Medical center Ha Emek helped to get rid of arthritis revmatoidnogo my husband. He struggled with this disease for 3 years and we even went to the same quack that gave us herbs for healing. But, alas, nothing helped! Then on the street near the local clinic we were given a welcome brochure, which was written about this consummate specialist in this field. We are interested in the end. After by treatment, husband left for 2 months there. Now waiting for him to have to arrive healthy and happy!
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