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Barzilai medical center is one of the best clinics of Israel, where patients of all ages can undergo a full examination and treatment of various pathologic diseases.
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Medical center Barzilai - Israel
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  David Gurevich David Gurevich
A A leading specialist in the field of general and vascular surgery, head of the surgical department.
Doctor  David Khauser David Khauser
Head of the Department of Ophthalmology, is a A leading authority in the conduct of operations on the retina.
Doctor  Dovi Ronen Dovi Ronen
He specializes in total knee and hip joints, orthopedic department in charge of the clinic.
Doctor  Efim Kharak Efim Kharak
A A leading specialist in surgery, head of the department of general and vascular surgery.
Doctor  Petr Vaynshteyn Petr Vaynshteyn
He is a A leading specialist Department of General and Vascular Surgery.
About clinic Medical center Barzilai
Clinic reviews
During surgery for abdominal aortic aneurysm, the doctor noticed mesothelioma of the peritoneum. Histology confirmed the diagnosis. It was a very rare case and so far as this form of cancer is properly treated exactly the doctors don't know. So I had to quickly find a good doctor. Found one at Barzilai Medical center in Israel. Now came for examination, I still support. The doctor is a good professional and has experience in successful treatment of such a diagnosis.
The sister removed a metastasis to the lung. After some time she had pain in the chest area when x-rayed, the doctor diagnosed a tumor near the place where they were removed metastasis. Lymph nodes besides her were greatly increased. Needed serious surgery and the subsequent rehabilitation period. Just read a medical journal and see there is Barzilai Medical center in Israel. Took the sister there, after agreeing with the hospital. Met its representatives at the airport and they provided a good place to stay. The surgery was hard, but satisfactory. Now she's in rehab and under supervision.
Had an accident and was a C5 compression fracture and injury to the right knee joint. My family was very afraid of the recovery period, because the damage was serious and needed a competent rehabilitation period. Signed up to Dowie to Ronen, he is head of the orthopaedic Department of the Medical center "Barzilai". I went there by plane and the airport was already waiting for reanimobile. Now I was operated and I slowly recovered.
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