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Medical center Kaplan

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Medical center Kaplan is a huge medical center with 535 beds and provides services for emergency medicine, inpatient and out-patient treatment. Founded in 1953, is a branch of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem In December 2010, the medical center ""Kaplan"" successfully passed the final stage of international accreditation held by JCI (Joint Commission International), and, thus, was included in six Israeli hospitals, received the appropriate quality mark.
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Medical center Kaplan - Israel
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Doctor  Yonatan Lahav Yonatan Lahav
Famous Israeli specialist in the surgical treatment of oncological pathologies of upper respiratory tract, mostly tumors of the vocal cords and larynx, as well as the treatment of problems with voice, swallowing and snoring. Winner of the prize of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel Medical Association and the American Association of Otolaryngology Surgery Throat (American Laryngological Association) for outstanding scientific work.
Doctor  Elways Tanir Elways Tanir
A A leading specialist in the surgical treatment of breast cancer. The head of Center for prevention and treatment of breast diseases in Kaplan Medical Center.
About clinic Medical center Kaplan


Medical center "Kaplan" — is one of the largest medical institutions in Israel. Founded in 1953, it is a branch of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The clinic provides ambulatory and emergency care, being hospitalized patients. The high quality of the services provided in the center of the "Kaplan", has been certified by Joint Commission International (JCI).

Each year doctors at the hospital helping about 700 000 patients, including 100,000 — foreigners. Thanks to the center "Kaplan" the modern equipment, local experts conduct surgery for non surgical removal of liver cancer using radio waves, return hearing to deaf patients through cochlear implant, in 95% of cases are successfully treated infertility, heart implantation is carried out, restore the vocal cords, and more.

In the center "Kaplan" apply the latest methods of treating cancer using the most effective anticancer drugs. On the basis of the companies works Department "Herzfeld" in which issues associated with aging. Medical center "Kaplan" a private nursing home, where he created most comfortable conditions for the elderly.


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