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Rehabilitation center Loewenstein - one of a kind rehabilitation center, has no alternatives in Europe. The main clients of the center patients injured in accidents, as adults and children, there are also citizens injured in terrorist acts.
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Rehabilitation center Loewenstein - Israel
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Medical center "Loewenstein" — one of the main in Israel, clinics, specializing not only the treatment but also on injury rehab. Most of the patients here — the athletes, as well as people injured in accidents or in terrorist attacks. The hospital has no analogues in the West. It is a world-leading centre for rehabilitation.

Doctors "Loewenstein" practicing innovative treatment approaches. The goal which they set themselves — full recovery of patients. Beautifully appointed rooms rehabilitation and advanced medical devices are helping to return to normal life people:

• who have had amputated limbs,

• who suffered a serious traumatic brain injury, fractures of the spine,

• comas.

According to statistics, in 86% of cases, the specialists of the clinic patients derive from the coma (this is the highest in the world).

in addition, rehabilitation centre "Loewenstein" trained physiotherapists and other professionals associated with the rehabilitation process.

Clinic reviews
appealed to the centre directly, without intermediaries. went to rehab in April, may 2016. after treatment did not receive any statements or recommendations of my sponsor was Daniel Lisova after six months of requests to send the documents so received nothing, after contacting a medical tourism levinstein where you can find Roman and Arthur, too, no action. And treated well only sessions for 30-45 minutes that occupational therapy, physiotherapy,General group,round noise from construction equipment .Gostinnica at the hospital is not very cockroaches running around,at night the noise from the neighbors food is average.
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