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The Baruch Padeh Medical Center

➤ The Baruch Padeh Medical Center ➤ Tiberias, Israel ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
The Baruch Padeh Medical Center is the leading medical center, specialty clinics — providing modern services in the field of medicine and healthcare.
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The Baruch Padeh Medical Center - Israel
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Doctor  Tsvika Lester Tsvika Lester
Specialist of the highest category, head of the department of maxillofacial surgery.
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Clinic reviews
I'm 44, 19 years old was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis at L5 S1 1.5cm Now I understand older people when they hurt all over, as had all the same:. Pain when coughing, when walking in the right leg and once smacked numb limb . We had to operate, as he said to me by my doctor. But his health, I decided to trust the professionals at the Medical Center of Baruch Pade Poria. About the hospital, I learned from the manager of Alexander on this site. He counseled me very well, thank you to him! Now settled after all the nuances, I go to the clinic. There's more and stay at the rehabilitation.
Came to the clinic for orthopaedic rehabilitation after surgery for prosthetic vertebral disc. The climate here is good, and the clinic itself is located in a very picturesque place. Chose this place for reviews. Yes, and I have seen how the foreign service is different from ours. For me there are so caring that I can't complain. And then fed to the slaughter! In General, not in clinic, I in the end came, and at least in a decent hotel!
Came here for treatment because I read that is mostly used minimally invasive method of surgical intervention. In the end I had gallbladder removed using the da Vinci robot. I am a curious person and all have asked the doctor before surgery. We spoke in English. I liked that Dr. Lester Medical center Baruch Pade Poria answered all my questions, do not hesitate! That's what a professional!
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