The Clinic Of Dr. Franz Dengler

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One of the oldest hospitals in Israel. Main areas: cardiology, ophthalmology, rehabilitation and Pediatrics.
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The Clinic Of Dr. Franz Dengler - Israel
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Ofer Nativ Ofer Nativ
Ofer Nativ - a great operating urologist, to put into practice the latest and experimental treatment of malignant tumors.
Itskhak Rozner
itskhak Rosner - a great rheumatologist. He is engaged in the treatment of inflammatory and other diseases of the joints.
About clinic The Clinic Of Dr. Franz Dengler
Clinic reviews
After incorrectly taken childbirth, my child showed torticollis. And then, I realized it myself, as the child turned his head just in the right! The x-rays were then clearly visible in this pathology! For examination and treatment my husband chose the Hospital Rothschild (clinic Bnei Zion) in Israel, as there was a great plastic surgeon. Now we had surgery on the plastic elongation of the sternocleidomastoid muscle to restore the correct position head. And we're on the mend!
Chose this hospital for childchildbirth in terms of price/quality of services provided. All of us here went well, however during labour I started to weaken contractions. But the doctors at the Hospital Rothschild (clinic Bnei Zion) were able to help me and I she gave childbirth, without a C-section. We have I have long been procesarii! In General, I am satisfied with their childbirth here and the second plan to give childbirth here.
Want to say a huge thank you to Dr. Ofer the native from the Hospital Rothschild (clinic Bnei Zion) for correctly diagnosed me spermatogenesis. Have not been able with his wife to conceive a child for three years. Different treatment was applied, but it was ineffective. Now after a course of treatment in this clinic, we are already a month pregnant! We are very happy that even words can't describe!
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