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The CyberKnife center - specializing for the treatment of cancer. This is one of the leading Oncology centers in Poland, awarded by the international certificate ISO 9001.
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KyberKnife Centre was established in Warsaw in 2012. Today the clinic specializing on non-invasive treatment of malignant and benign tumors using cyber knife, neurosurgery and radiotherapy. Since its inception, more than 400 patients have undergone surgery to remove tumors methods robotic radiosurgery.

the part of the medical center, one of the few in Poland with accreditation to ISO 9001 includes 2 main divisions:

  • radiotherapy — with laboratory equipment, CyberKnife VSI 1000, the CT Department, procedural, and Advisory offices;
  • the
  • medical physics — with the laboratory of research and development.

the Main focus is on the expansion and improvement of technology operations using the cyber-knife — techniques and does not require anesthesia, excision and long-term recovery, eliminating the risk of infection or pain during execution.

the clinic provides facilities for patients of all categories, including those with disabilities. Also on-site medical centre has Parking with allocated places for the disabled, cafe, access point to wireless Internet. On request, patients are provided with translation services, airport pickup, chauffeur, organization of tourist activities and car hire.

Clinic reviews
At that time, when I went into surgery on technology Gamma knife to Poland (six months ago) in Moscow for 10 years has done this procedure in the neurosurgery center. But I was impressed by the status of the Warsaw clinics and specialists.
I was diagnosed with a rare disease – acoustic neuroma. The first emotion was joy, that it's not cancer, but when I learned that I could face hearing loss and facial paralysis, I immediately decided to remove this tumor. And only the most advanced method. The best reviews on the results of operations for the gamma-knife was about the center of the Cyber-knife, so I went to this place. The operation went well, rehabilitation. Everything is fine, only the kids miss it very much and for her husband. Will be discharged in 5-6 days. Yay!
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