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Russian oncological scientific center named. N. N. Blokhin is one of the best medical centers of Russia, where they work outstanding professors and public health officials. Hospital spetsialization is treatment clinical Oncology, pediatric Oncology and Hematology, experimental radiology as well as the diagnosis and therapy of tumors.
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Cancer center. Blokhin - Russia
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About clinic Cancer center. Blokhin

the Cancer center. Blokhin — is one of the best medical establishments of Russia, specializing in the treatment of cancer. It comprises 5 specialized diagnostic and clinical departments, with the high-quality medical care to children and adult population.

In the cancer center im. Blokhin employs more than 3,400 physicians. 89 of them professors and more than 200 doctors, the med. Sciences. Thanks to the competent activities of the local experts today in Russia are carried out surgeries for treatment of tumors of the liver and kidney such costly ways, as thermoablation, greaterville etc. It is possible to reduce the mortality of cancer patients in Russia is approximately 15%.

as for the technical base, the cancer center im. Blokhin used a modern computer and magnetic resonance tomographs with molluscum strengthening, ultrasound, computed angiography, etc. In the clinic applies innovative directions of morphological analysis, radionuclide methods.

In the postoperative period patients suggests methods of detoxification to strengthen the immune system and the excretion of toxic substances, which reduces the duration of the rehabilitation period and minimizes the severity of the side effects of the drugs taken.

Clinic reviews
I think I was lucky to be treated in cancer center Blokhin, because I know that many can't get there in time because of the large number of applicants. As a result, the time is lost, and the disease cannot be stopped. At the cancer center are real professionals who cope with any situation. I put breast gland, 3 phase, nevertheless, as a result of treatment I still alive.
I was operated on for cancer of the breast abroad, and in the Cancer center. Blokhin was treated for metastases in the lungs, which were formed 4 years later. I have something to compare, and I believe that now at the cancer center level of cancer care is not lower than in European specialized clinics, but getting there is much harder.
I live in Saratov, but when I put a breast cancer, decided to go to Moscow. There were fears that the province lags far behind in matters of treatment of cancer. First in the cancer center. Blokhin I took the drugs that they gave his opinion. I was advised to undergo a full examination in Moscow, as have a diagnosis performed using more modern equipment, better laboratory. The survey I said the stage of cancer and how it has changed and treatment plan. In particular, I did not as extensive as originally planned. I have not had the opportunity to be in Moscow full course of treatment is very expensive. At the cancer center I had surgery and chemotherapy before and after it I was received at home, in Saratov. Then there was a question about radiation therapy, it is also possible to make at home, but it seemed to me that in Moscow it will be more effective and less harmful, again because of the modern equipment. Now I only drink pills that suppress ovarian function in order to reduce the risk of relapse. Occasionally I go to cancer center. Blokhin on the checkups, but overall I hope the story of my cancer treatment will soon be over.
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