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City cancer hospital №62

6 reviews
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➤ City cancer hospital №62 ➤ Moscow, Russia ☺ 6 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +74954812786​
Moscow city oncological hospital №62 was founded in 1957 on the basis of sanatorium Krasnogorsk, profiling the treatment of cancer. Today, the medical facility is equipped with modern equipment, a variety of laboratories, highly qualified staff that can successfully overcome cancer, tumors and other illnesses.
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Doctor  Sukhareva Elena Alexanderovna Sukhareva Elena Alexanderovna

Doctor of the highest qualification category, specialist for diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases.

About City cancer hospital №62

City cancer hospital No. 62 was founded in Moscow in 1957. Here is quality health care to patients with cancer. The center's specialists perform all types of surgical cancer treatment, with the exception of neurosurgery. In their work they prefer to organ-saving operations, allowing not to change the quality of life of the patient.

Patients city Oncology hospital № 62 can undergo treatment in a hospital in the framework of state guarantees of free medical. care and compulsory health insurance programs. In the course of examination and treatment doctor clinic use modern x-ray machines, magnetic resonance and CT scanners, endoscopes, ultrasound machines, etc.

a Good technical base allows doctors oncopolicy No. 62 to diagnose malignant and benign tumors at the earliest stages, when treatment is most effective. Also on the basis of medical institutions conducted microbiological, cytological, molecular biological, histological, sessions photo - chemotherapy.

After the removal of tumors, patients of the Moscow city oncological hospital № 62 can use the services of the talented plastic surgeons who will do everything necessary so that the scars had disappeared from the body.

Clinic reviews
Dear Sirs! I want to share my impression of this hospital. Believe me, there are lots of expirience to compare: Kashir hospital ,Bauman hospital, 33 hospital, 15 hospital, 7 hospital!!!! Today 22.07.16., I was discharged from the 62 hospital. It is not a hospital – it is real therapeutic resort! The attitude of all the staff is respectful, responsive, attentive. Was in 1st surgery: head. Seredina Natalia Aleksandrovna is a wonderful kind woman, a great specialist and a supervisor. Special thanks to the attending doctor to the surgeon, oncologist, doctor of the highest category, PhD Ahmetshina Venera Mullanurovna for her professionality, hard work (sometimes a few transactions per day, and then for 10-12 hours at the operating table!) and just sweet and charming Person! And I want to emphasize the sensitivity, attentiveness and a huge heart doctor of the gynecological Department of a surgeon of the highest category, PhD Novozhilov Mikhail Vasilyevich! Golden hands and big hearts, these REAL DOCTORS!!!! Thank you all 1st surgery for their patience, professionalism, ethics, and kindness. Dear saviors, low bow to you all! These dedicated people are very few. I am grateful that my path led me to these people! All the best to you!!!!!! I love you and will pray for you! With respect and sincere wishes of good health and strength,Kondrateva Z. N.
When I groped in the breast of a small seal, then immediately decided to go for an examination, and not waste time on visits to a GP or breast physician, and to contact the relevant clinic. Chose city cancer hospital No. 62. There approached my friends and the reviews were positive. I know that in the hospital 62 can be reached in the direction of the regional oncologist, but I prefer to go with charge as it is faster. Of course, all services in good clinics are expensive, I was ready for it. On consultation the doctor has confirmed that there is a seal and appointed the examination. First I did an ultrasound, then appointed a puncture which was negative for cancer. It is very good that I quickly went to the doctor, the tumor was at a very early stage. I did everything too quickly, remove the tumor and lymph nodes, but metastases were not found. I'm not upset, in this case, better safe than sorry. After receiving the results of cytochemistry I was prescribed drug therapy, which has already receive at the place of residence. The fact that my tumor was hormone-dependent, so you need to suppress the function of the ovaries to reduce the risk of relapse.In General, I want to say that I am very happy that I decided to contact the 62 hospital. I liked that there are no delays, all done quickly and with a normal human attitude to patients, at least if treated charge.
To the 62 hospital I brought my mom when she told me that she had a tumor in his chest. For a long time she kept it from me, did not want to upset, so when we arrived at the reception, the disease was already at a late stage. I understand that the doctors performed a miracle when cured my mom, for which they thank you.
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