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BPH is benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlargement) glandular epithelium, which consists of the prostate. BPH compresses the urethra and puts pressure on the bladder wall. For these reasons, the main symptoms of BPH are symptoms associated with impaired urination. But not only dysuric symptoms indicate adenoma and the need to appeal to the urologist, and to postpone the appeal to the doctor should not because this issue is now resolved delicately and without significant interference, as it was before.

the Symptoms of BPH:

  • Reduction of the jet of urine during urination;
  • the Need Naturita during urination;
  • Frequent urination during the night;
  • a Feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder
  • Sudden and strong desire to urinate;
  • an increase in the level of PSA in the blood.

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Clinical hospital №85 of FMBA of Russia specialised on treatment bph
Clinical hospital №85 of FMBA of Russia is a modern medical institution providing patient services such as: diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and preventive medicine.
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
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National medical surgical center named after N. And. Pirogov specialised on treatment bph
National medical surgical center named after N. And. Pirogov is considered a leading diversified medical institution of Russia. Medical center has been operating for over one hundred years, has its own Museum in St. Peterburge, a rich history and ...
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
Central clinical hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CDB Sciences) specialised on treatment bph
Central clinical hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences is the Russia's largest multidisciplinary clinic structure of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The hospital is equipped with the latest equipment, inpatient 600 beds, 14 operating and a ...
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
Russian scientific center of roentgenology and radiology (RNTSRR) specialised on treatment bph
Russian scientific center of roentgenology and radiology (RNTSRR) deals with the diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases at an early stage by using molecular genetic, laboratory, radiological and cytogenetic studies.
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+74954812786​ (free)
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Central scientific-research Institute of traumatology and orthopedics named after N. N. Priorova (tsito) specialised on treatment bph
Central scientific-research Institute of traumatology and orthopedics named after N. N. Priorova is a national center providing care to patients with traumatological and orthopedic diseases. In addition, the medical institution has the status of a ...
Main branches:
Orthopedics , Traumatology
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+7 (495) 744-40-10 (free)
English speaking staff
Clinical hospital on Yauza specialised on treatment bph
A multidisciplinary center with a hospital, ambulance and genetic laboratory. The clinic is an active research activity.
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
Medical rehabilitation center of the Ministry of health (LRC) specialised on treatment bph
Medical rehabilitation center — one of the first medical institutions in Russia, which introduced the European standards in health care: proactive diagnosis and modern gentle treatment, rehabilitation for a speedy return to a normal quality of life.
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European medical center (EMC) specialised on treatment bph
European medical center is providing its services according to international standards, as evidenced by the large volume of patients - more than 250 thousand a year. specializing clinic for plastic surgery, dermatology, General surgery ...
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We found 22 clinics specialized in Urology and nephrology in Russia

the symptoms of the adenoma joins deterioration of General health that is associated with the need to Wake up several times a night, in men aged 45 - 55 years, adenoma leads to a decrease in potency, there is emotional discomfort, exacerbated chronic diseases. The delicacy of the problems needlessly forcing men to delay the appeal to the urologist. Modern methods of treatment of adenoma allow to save the patient from physical suffering and emotional discomfort. In addition, current long-term BPH puts pressure on the bladder, whose walls are compacted at the beginning and then there is thinning, leading to impaired function of the bladder, which further complicates the disease. Drug treatment of BPH, also provides only temporary and not the full effect, allowing to reduce the symptoms of the disease.

the Best methods of treatment of prostate adenoma abroad:

  • Laser treatment is layer-by-layer removal of the prostate with a laser;
  • Laparoscopic prostate surgery with minimal interference;
  • Robotic surgery removal of the adenoma with the use of the Da Vinci robot.

Advantages of modern treatment

Even in the recent past, a large-size BPH had to be removed surgically. This difficult operation was performed by open method through the perineum, with a high risk of bleeding and under General anesthesia. For such an operation required considerable skill of the surgeon and a lot of time for the rehabilitation of the patient. Today the situation has changed. Increasingly, BPH removed with a laser, when the breast tissue is removed in layers for 30-40 minutes. Laser vaporization of BPH performed through the urethra, under local anesthesia, without the risk of damage to surrounding tissues. In some cases, use different alternative to radical prostatectomy is robotic surgery using the surgical complex of the Da Vinci and laparoscopic surgery.

the Cost of treatment of BPH abroad

With the advent of new techniques has significantly decreased the cost of treatment of BPH. The decrease in cost was affected by the lack of need for prolonged hospital stay, as well as significant proliferation of new technologies in urological practice. Laser or minimally invasive treatment of BPH has become available to most patients, and this is very important because the diagnosis of benign prostatic hyperplasia establish in 50% of men over the age of 50 years. In addition, we want to acknowledge the professional, individual approach and friendly atmosphere recommended by us urology centers operating on the basis of the major international clinics.

She was treated by Inbar. Actually he is working in Ichilov, but maintains a private practice in Assuta that it is very profitable and, therefore, the attitude to patients is appropriate. It was a lot of doubt on Israel, but dare and have no regrets, there a hand filled - a difficult case to decide, my including. When he returned to Moscow, went to the local oncologist, he was surprised that such a treatment is suggested, where it reads, but in practice met. so think - worth it or not.
I have a hemangioma in my hand (forearm+wrist)is there any successful treatment
marwa aammar
I was treated in the urology Department of the hospital Chaim Sheba about BPH. The symptoms were pretty nasty, I was afraid that in Russia the doctors do not telling me something or do not notice, so I went to Israel. After a full observing I calmed down, really, except the adenoma nothing was founded and the doctors clinic Chaim Sheba treated adenoma very successfully.
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