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National medical surgical center named after N. And. Pirogov

5 reviews
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➤ National medical surgical center named after N. And. Pirogov ➤ Moscow, Russia ☺ 5 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +74954812786​
National medical surgical center named after N. And. Pirogov is considered a leading diversified medical institution of Russia. Medical center has been operating for over one hundred years, has its own Museum in St. Peterburge, a rich history and many achievements in the field of medical science.
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Doctor  Sveshnikov Artem Valeryevich Sveshnikov Artem Valeryevich

Head of department ORHMDiL - irregular heartbeat, physician Cardiovascular Surgery

Doctor  Egiev Valeriy Nikolaevich Egiev Valeriy Nikolaevich

One of Russia's A leading surgeons. He runs about 400 operations a year. Resigned

Doctor  Rykova Taisiya Dmitrievna Rykova Taisiya Dmitrievna

A specialist for the treatment of cerebrovascular pathology.

Doctor  Gvozdkov Andrey Lvovich Gvozdkov Andrey Lvovich

A cardiologist specialist with great experience.

Doctor  Germanovich Vladimir Vladimirovich Germanovich Vladimir Vladimirovich

A specialist in surgical treatment of brain tumors and pituitary.

About National medical surgical center named after N. And. Pirogov


national medical surgical center named after N. And. Pirogov is the main referral clinic in Russia where staff spetsializiruyutsya on the provision of diagnostic, curative, preventive and rehabilitative services. The institution is represented in nearly all medical specialties, so patients can be diagnosed and cured of any disease on the spot, without appeal to other megastructure city.

Doctors nmhts them. N. And. Pirogov — the best domestic experts, who regularly improve their qualifications in the countries of near and far abroad. The work available to them the same medical equipment that the doctors and world-famous foreign clinics:

  • the Latest devices extracorporeal shock wave therapy for the treatment of IBS.
  • single photon emission computer tomography, which is combined with x-ray CT (used to detect cancer, heart disease, nervous and endocrine systems at the molecular level).
  • Robotic system "Da Vinci".
  • Camera focused ultrasound aimed at the remote coagulation of the affected tissue.
  • ultrasound ablation for the local treatment of brain tumors.
  • Devices for the conduct of endosonography, particularly etc.

national medical surgical center named after N. And. Pirogov offers the most modern and efficient equipment, so the treatment of all diseases is conducted at the highest level.28.09.16

surgery in the surgical treatment of epilepsy

Clinic reviews
After the heart attack I was admitted to cardiology Department of the hospital at the place of residence for examination. I have not experienced any problems, discomfort and pain blamed on age, in general, do not addressed to the doctors. And suddenly this story.Took me in an ambulance, though a heart attack was not extensive but still a heart attack, so that examined. Did ECG, ECHO, angiography, tests, found atherosclerosis of the coronary vessels and said need to do surgery, coronary artery bypass grafting. All of a sudden I fell on that I am confused. Here my children, of course, very helpful to know where to go, of course, at the place of residence such operations do not. The result took me to Pirogov medical center. I remember right to get there did not work, even from the "paysites". Then I made an appointment and came. I don't remember this advices, all the stress was hard to understand what I say, but I remember feeling such a calm, serious.In General, the children explained everything to me then, said the operation was scheduled, however, also very immediately, all the same queue. Truly I came to myself after it ended. I remember very well, was in the room, and realized that here, I had heart surgery, I am alive, and you have to calm down. I am very grateful to the doctors Pirogov medical center for the fact that I was cured.
When there were indications for joint replacement, I calmly went for tests and it turned out that I'm allergic to metal, that is, a metal prosthesis just won't take root in my body! Here I started to panic, joint I already bothered quite old and not the type to lie or in a wheelchair to ride. The doctor told me to go to Helios, as in this clinic make special dentures for people like me. The metal is isolated from the surrounding tissue layers of ceramics and Zirconia biologically neutral, so allergies are eliminated. I am very glad I decided to go to Germany. The operation went well, I recovered quickly, now I have my new hip doesn't bother. I am grateful to the doctors at Helios and his doctor, too, for having advised me to turn to more experienced colleagues. It all started with the fact that I have found atherosclerosis of the coronary vessels, then came the signs of heart failure. My doctor said if not surgery, then most likely in the near future having a heart attack. In nmhts Pirogov was made coronary artery bypass grafting, that is to establish a workaround for blood. Now my health is much improved, for which I am very grateful to the doctors of the Pirogov center.
In Pirogov Center I had surgery coronary artery bypass grafting. It seemed to me that any operation on the heart this is serious, but the doctor assured me that this is one of the simplest interventions, such operations in their office doing a lot. I calmed down and just trust to professionals. This is a very pleasant feeling when you realize that people calmly and confidently doing their usual job.
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