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General information

The urology and nephrology are allied industries of medicine which often unite. The nephrology is engaged in diagnostics and treatment of diseases of kidneys, and urology - diseases of all bodies of an urinary system and male reproductive system.

The foreign urology is well-known around the world, and a great number of men come to clinics of this country with the most delicate problems. The basic principle of urology used abroad - most sparing techniques allowing to achieve excellent results at the minimum impact on an organism.

In clinics of urology treatment of the following diseases is abroad possible:

  • Chronic prostatitis.
  • Prostate adenoma.
  • Congenital malformations of male genitals (hypospadias, phimosis and so forth).
  • Urethra pathology at men and women.
  • Urolithic disease.
  • Oncological diseases of an urinary system.

Nephrology abroad

Abroad such serious diseases of kidneys as glomerulonephritis, congenital pathologies (polycystic, hydronephrosis, etc.) which often are followed by development of a renal failure are successfully treated.

At high efficiency the nephrology

You can call to +74954812786​ or The medical consultant will tell about all aspects of treatment in Russia .
Страшный доктор! Не ходите к ней лечиться! Сделает инвалидом!!
Татьяна, 47 years
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Clinical hospital on Yauza
A multidisciplinary center with a hospital, ambulance and genetic laboratory. The clinic is an active research activity.
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
Medical rehabilitation center of the Ministry of health (LRC)
Medical rehabilitation center — one of the first medical institutions in Russia, which introduced the European standards in health care: proactive diagnosis and modern gentle treatment, rehabilitation for a speedy return to a normal quality of life.
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
Medical Diagnostic Center (MDC) PATERO CLINICS
The clinic provides services focusing on European quality standards and using state of the art medical technology.
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
Clinical hospital №85 of FMBA of Russia
Clinical hospital №85 of FMBA of Russia is a modern medical institution providing patient services such as: diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and preventive medicine.
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
National medical surgical center named after N. And. Pirogov
National medical surgical center named after N. And. Pirogov is considered a leading diversified medical institution of Russia. Medical center has been operating for over one hundred years, has its own Museum in St. Peterburge, a rich history and ...
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
European medical center (EMC)
European medical center is providing its services according to international standards, as evidenced by the large volume of patients - more than 250 thousand a year. specializing clinic for plastic surgery, dermatology, General surgery ...
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
Central children's clinical hospital
Central children's clinical hospital Federal mediko-biological Agency provides a full range of services in diagnostics and treatment of children's diseases.
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
The Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital
Children's Medical Center Schneider include: the national Center of Hematology-Oncology,Institute of pediatric cardiology, Institute of pediatric urology, Institute of pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition, Children's orthopedic service, Center ...
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
She was treated by Inbar. Actually he is working in Ichilov, but maintains a private practice in Assuta that it is very profitable and, therefore, the attitude to patients is appropriate. It was a lot of doubt on Israel, but dare and have no regrets, there a hand filled - a difficult case to decide, my including. When he returned to Moscow, went to the local oncologist, he was surprised that such a treatment is suggested, where it reads, but in practice met. so think - worth it or not.
I have a hemangioma in my hand (forearm+wrist)is there any successful treatment
marwa aammar
I was treated in the urology Department of the hospital Chaim Sheba about BPH. The symptoms were pretty nasty, I was afraid that in Russia the doctors do not telling me something or do not notice, so I went to Israel. After a full observing I calmed down, really, except the adenoma nothing was founded and the doctors clinic Chaim Sheba treated adenoma very successfully.
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The best doctors of Russia
Doctor  Proskokov Aleksey Alexanderovich Proskokov Aleksey Alexanderovich

Doctor of the highest category. A specialist in oncological urology, general urology and andrology.

Doctor  Salnikova Svetlana Valeryevna Salnikova Svetlana Valeryevna

Specialist in general urology, andrology (surgical and conservative), photodynamic therapy in urology.

Doctor  Chibisov Mikhail Petrovich Chibisov Mikhail Petrovich

A doctor of the highest category, specializes in the treatment of urological diseases and oncourological.

Doctor  Sanzharov Andrey Evgenyevich Sanzharov Andrey Evgenyevich

U]an urologist of the highest qualification category, has a huge experience in performing laparoscopic urological operations.

Doctor  Nesterov Sergey Nikolaevich Nesterov Sergey Nikolaevich

An outstanding specialist working at the intersection of urology and oncology, who owns a full range of surgical interventions in the field of urology.

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