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General information

Special attention as it is difficult to overestimate health of children is abroad paid to development of pediatrics. For this reason in the country there are versatile pediatric clinics equipped with the latest technology in which highly qualified specialists give help in the most different directions of medicine. The pediatrics abroad is not only treatment of diseases. Much attention is paid also to prevention - to periodic surveys for the purpose of detection of pathology at early stages, to observance of rules of care of the child and formation of a healthy lifestyle.

Advantages of foreign pediatrics

Medical care is provided to children in foreign clinics in all directions. Those from them which demand rendering the hi-tech help, impossible in many countries enjoy the greatest popularity.

Main diseases

In diagnostics and treatment oncological (including oncohematological) diseases foreign experts achieved considerable success. Here difficult heart operations, nervous system, internals are carried out at congenital pathology, after severe injuries. Treatment in pediatric clinics abroad for the child the only opportunity not just to win against a disease, but also to survive becomes very frequent.

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Мне рекомендовали обратиться в ЦЭЛТ друзья, когда узнали о моих проблемах с сердцем. Они уже прошли всю эту историю, ездили и за границу лечиться, но советовали именно ЦЭЛТ. Сказали, что тут все на таком уровне, что не нужно и ездить никуда. Мне...
Константин, 54 years
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Medical Diagnostic Center (MDC) PATERO CLINICS
The clinic provides services focusing on European quality standards and using state of the art medical technology.
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
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European medical center (EMC)
European medical center is providing its services according to international standards, as evidenced by the large volume of patients - more than 250 thousand a year. specializing clinic for plastic surgery, dermatology, General surgery ...
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
Central children's clinical hospital
Central children's clinical hospital Federal mediko-biological Agency provides a full range of services in diagnostics and treatment of children's diseases.
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
Federal"Clinical hospital" of administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation
Modern multidisciplinary clinic providing a full range of diagnostic and treatment services.
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
Clinic minimally invasive laser medicine "MILM"
Specialized clinic in which high-tech medical care in the field of otolaryngology and gynecology.
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
Center of Endosurgery and Lithotripsy
Center of Endosurgery and Lithotripsy is a multidisciplinary medical facility providing patients the following services: treatment of dental diseases, radiology, intensive care, anesthesiology, radiology, cardiovascular surgery, obesity surgery and ...
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
American medical center "Intermedcentr"
Multidisciplinary clinic, which specializes in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases standards for family medicine USA with use of achievements of domestic medicine and the latest Western technology.
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
Central clinical hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CDB Sciences)
Central clinical hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences is the Russia's largest multidisciplinary clinic structure of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The hospital is equipped with the latest equipment, inpatient 600 beds, 14 operating and a ...
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+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
It's become three months after surgery, which made my daughter in the clinic Schneider, and I'm still impressed. From the first minute we were surrounded by attention, care. Doctors, nurses, translators, which are always and everywhere followed us; and now all know and love their job. Perhaps this is not surprising, because Jews have a special relationship to children, this is not anywhere else in the world. Our doctor – the Wal Mikhovich – special thanks. We're home now and feeling wonderful!
We went to Professor Shearsmith with the child when orthopedic surgeon at 3 months revealed some deformity of the femur bones and joints. Wife very worried, so I decided to consult in Germany. After the consultation, the child was examined, the results of Dr. Klaus searched said that the pathology can be corrected. Gave recommendations, which we carry out and in six months go back for a visit.
When after many attempts my son-in-law finally had a child, my first grandchild, I was very happy. Of course,when he revealed abnormalities of the intestine, I decided to provide treatment at the highest level. Along with son are looking for information on the Internet, read the reviews, thinking where to go. Probably a crucial role in the choice was the fact that Klaus searched has extensive experience in conducting surgical operations in children, including those with congenital abnormalities of the intestine. In General, we decided to go to Germany, agreed to the consultation, all have got to organize very quickly. We loved Professor searched, such a friendly and calm person, inspires confidence that all will be well. The survey started on the same day, the operation was scheduled through the day to have time to prepare your child. About the surgery: I was very pleased, I've done endoscopically, i.e. through a small incision. Of course, the size of the scar — not important, but the smaller it is, the better. I was worried about the anesthesia, in my youth I did, as I came out of it — it was a nightmare. But there were used modern drugs, so the anesthesia is also no problem. At the hospital, the daughter-in-law, my grandson and stayed a week, my son lived in an apartment near the clinic, this option is for relatives. After discharge, stayed in Germany for another couple of days, I wanted to be sure that the grandson will normally take flight. Now, after 2 months, we can say with confidence that the operation was successful. All the problems are gone, and the grandson looks perfectly healthy.
Boris I.
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The best doctors of Russia
Doctor  Artamonova Anna Vyacheslavovna Artamonova Anna Vyacheslavovna

An ophthalmologist (pediatric surgeon), specializes in the surgical treatment of eye diseases.

Doctor  Ermakov Boris Lvovich Ermakov Boris Lvovich

A well-known specialist in the field of pediatric oncology and hematology.

Doctor  Shtyflyuk Marina Ivanovna Shtyflyuk Marina Ivanovna

A doctor with experience more than 30 years, has the highest qualification category Health Organization and Pediatrics.

Doctor  Shipulina Nadezhda Anatolyevna Shipulina Nadezhda Anatolyevna

Pediatrician department of medical rehabilitation.

Doctor  Tomilova Anna Yuryevna Tomilova Anna Yuryevna

Doctor of the highest category, specializes in the treatment of children against allergies and other diseases.

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