Cardiovascular surgery in Russia
35,877 patients are sent for treatment

Leading medical centres and clinics specialized in cardiovascular surgery in Russia

➤ Cardiovascular surgery in Russia ➤ 3 clinics Addresses $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ☺ reviews ✎ Make an appointment ✉ 35,877 patients are sent for treatment
You can call to +74954812786​ or The medical consultant will tell about all aspects of treatment in Russia .
Хочу сказать спасибо всему институту за безупречный приём! Отдельное спасибо хочу сказать своему лечащему врачу Иконниковой Евгении, грамотный специалист и очень душевный человек.
Ирина Леонидовна , 57 years
We found 3 clinics specialized in cardiovascular surgery with cumulative rating
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Medical Diagnostic Center (MDC) PATERO CLINICS
The clinic provides services focusing on European quality standards and using state of the art medical technology.
Contact clinic
+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
The Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital
Children's Medical Center Schneider include: the national Center of Hematology-Oncology,Institute of pediatric cardiology, Institute of pediatric urology, Institute of pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition, Children's orthopedic service, Center ...
Contact clinic
+74954812786​ (free)
English speaking staff
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The best doctors of Russia
Doctor  Sveshnikov Artem Valeryevich Sveshnikov Artem Valeryevich

Head of department ORHMDiL - irregular heartbeat, physician Cardiovascular Surgery

Doctor  Chupin Andrey Valeryevich Chupin Andrey Valeryevich

An outstanding Russian specialist in cardiovascular surgery, regularly improve their qualifications in Europe, the highest category doctor

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