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Central clinical hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CDB Sciences)

4 reviews
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➤ Central clinical hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CDB Sciences) ➤ Moscow, Russia ☺ 4 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
Central clinical hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences is the Russia's largest multidisciplinary clinic structure of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The hospital is equipped with the latest equipment, inpatient 600 beds, 14 operating and a large number of diagnostic departments.
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Doctor  Rezunenko Ivan Alexanderovich Rezunenko Ivan Alexanderovich

A known traumatologist. In the year that holds more than 300 operations as the operating surgeon, about 250 - as an assistant.

Doctor  Serebrennikova Klara Georgievna Serebrennikova Klara Georgievna

Doctor of the highest category, Honoured Doctor of Russia, has extensive experience in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

Doctor  Golubev Valeriy Grigoryevich Golubev Valeriy Grigoryevich

Doctor traumatologist highest category, an experienced specialist.

Doctor  Yudin Aleksand Alexanderovich Yudin Aleksand Alexanderovich

Doctor of the highest category, an experienced specialist, teaches at Rnrmu them. Pirogov.

Doctor  Andreev Yuriy Vladislavovich Andreev Yuriy Vladislavovich

The surgeon-ophthalmologist, has spent more than 90 000 operations.

About Central clinical hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CDB Sciences)

the Central clinical hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CDB Sciences) — one of the largest multispecialty hospitals of wounds. It is comprised of the hospital, which can accommodate 600 patients, and consultative and diagnostic center. Accepting outpatient and inpatients in these hospitals are highly qualified doctors, the average experience is 15 years.

CDB Sciences equipped with the most modern medical equipment intended for eliminating, detecting and preventing different types of diseases. The survey of patients ' organizations use effective methods such as Holter monitoring, ECG, ABPM, echocardiography, Bicycle ergometry, stress ECHO. Also CDB Sciences is possible to pass examination of external respiratory function.

the Hospital CDB is located in the resort area, away from city noise. Here patients are in well-appointed single, twin and double rooms, luxury rooms. All rooms are with shower and toilet.

Clinic reviews
More than 10 years ago I was diagnosed with "rheumatoid arthritis". Since then began my Calvary – the pain, the inability to lead an active lifestyle, restrictions around. Six months ago, things have gotten worse – during the survey it was discovered that the femoral head just died, scientifically happened to her necrosis. As I said, in this situation, the only solution is joint replacement, that is replacement of the joint with artificial prosthesis.Surgery I decided in CDB Sciences, still it is one of the leading medical centers in the country. Quickly get to the consultation did not happen, but I decided that you have to wait. The operation was scheduled a month – the clinic is in demand, you need to be recorded in advance, besides prostheses, they also bought for each patient. I picked up a American prosthesis, said one of the most reliable.The surgery itself lasted about 2 hours. Did it under epidural anesthesia, so the feeling was strange. I haven't slept, knew that I was doing surgery, but felt nothing. After surgery I recovered quite quickly. After a couple of days got up with the help of the crutches. Then to me began to engage the doctor in physical therapy – it is important to do special exercises to strengthen the muscles and get used to the new joint. I was discharged after 2 weeks, now I am fully recovered and lead a normal life, forgetting all the pain.
In the CDB Sciences operated on my mom, did hip replacement. I can say that the level of this clinic greatly superior to all that I was, but getting there is very not just too many applicants. Talking to the doctors, feel as they well versed in their field. The surgery went well, mom gradually restored.
It was very difficult to decide on the operation joint, as I somehow never had a chance never to be on the operating table. Then there was the long stage record in the CDB, SB RAS, so how to turn very large. But when I got to the hospital, it was quite simple. Operation under General anesthesia, 2 weeks at home, using the month began to walk independently. I am grateful to the doctors of CDB Sciences for the quality the surgery and nurses for care after surgery.
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