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Russian scientific center of roentgenology and radiology (RNTSRR)

4 reviews
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➤ Russian scientific center of roentgenology and radiology (RNTSRR) ➤ Moscow, Russia ☺ 4 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +74954812786​
Russian scientific center of roentgenology and radiology (RNTSRR) deals with the diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases at an early stage by using molecular genetic, laboratory, radiological and cytogenetic studies.
Our company is the official representative of Russian scientific center of roentgenology and radiology (RNTSRR) worldwide
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Doctor  Sukhareva Elena Alexanderovna Sukhareva Elena Alexanderovna

Doctor of the highest qualification category, specialist for diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases.

About Russian scientific center of roentgenology and radiology (RNTSRR)

the Russian scientific center of roentgenology and radiology (RNTSRR) since 1924. His specialization — detection and treatment of cancer and other diseases by radiotherapy, clinical, laboratory, molecular, genetic and cytogenetic studies. The clinic is at a high level to carry out complex organ-saving operations. Patients are offered comprehensive rehabilitation treatment.

RNTSRR Doctors are experienced specialists, successfully combining practical activity with scientific. Many of them are engaged in postgraduate training of doctors in postgraduate and residency are part of the higher attestation Commission.

the Russian scientific center of roentgenology and radiology is fully computerized. It uses extremely advanced digital technology. When examining cancer patients here applies the latest RC - and Mr-scanners, osteodensitometry, ultrasound expert class. Technical base allows doctors RNTSRR to engage in work methods sparing surgery, and to resort to surgical removal of the internal organs, the mammary glands only in exceptional cases.

For inpatients in the clinic created a comfortable stay.

Clinic reviews
When I got to RSСRR, it seemed to me that it's a completely different level of medicine, not the one I was used to. Modern equipment, attentive doctors, clean and tidy. Maybe it is because there really treat a serious disease, it may not be all of the clinic such as my whole experience boils down to our appeal to Vladimir hospitals. In RSСRRI conducted an in-depth examination in cases of suspected metastasis of breast cancer. Fortunately, nothing happened, and I am very grateful to the doctors for support during stay at the hospital.
I am very glad that of all the clinics in Moscow I chose RSCRR. I read different reviews from women treated for breast cancer in other clinics, and I understand how lucky I was. Full and timely examination enabled to appoint proper and adequate treatment, which began immediately. The operation here has had to wait, the queues are very large. I now go for regular checkups at the place of residence, RSCRR it is difficult to get, but still plan to go for a checkup to be sure that the disease does not return.
I live in Tula region, hospital at us one, and the level of matching. I understand all this, and very grateful to local doctors, that they just diagnosed me and sent for treatment to Moscow. I had a choice in what clinic to use, so I began to look for information, ask friends, read online forums. There wasn't much time, the tumor grew pretty quickly. The option of treatment abroad dropped by itself due to the banal lack of funds. Though in Moscow all can't be cheap. Among Moscow clinics I chose RCSRR. I met a lot of feedback that this medical center with the high professionalism of the doctors a very good attitude to patients, what was the decisive argument. Now I can confirm these reviews 100%. When I first came for a consultation at RCSRR, very worried. I realized that I was waiting quite a long and serious treatment, worried how I will take, whether all doctors will do. I really liked that the clinic everything is organized very clearly: I was consulted, quickly sent for examination, the next day I came again for consultation on the results of tests and biopsies. Phase I was the initial, but the tumor is aggressive, so it was necessary to do the operation as soon as possible. I am grateful to the doctors RCSRR for what did not delay the operation, did it as carefully as possible. Now I accept hormonal preparations, the issue of needed exposure, and I believe that all will be well.
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