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Hanyang hospital is the main medical center of the armed forces of the United States located in South Korea. The main areas of the clinic are: rheumatology, surgery, endocrinology, nuclear medicine, cardiology, orthopedics and other specialties.
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 medical center of University Hanyang - South Korea
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I am a student of medical University and one day to our lesson came as a specialist from the Medical center of the University of Hanyang (Korea) will share their knowledge and to talk about the latest techniques in the treatment of heart disease. He has had extensive experience in the treatment of ischemic heart disease and complex operations for coronary artery bypass grafting. Even before that, we had no idea that Korea is so developed medicine! I thank him very much for the useful lecture.
Just a couple of months ago noticed while bathing Galusi that the baby is lopsided! Looking at the lower part, I noticed that there is a strong asymmetry. Took her to the hospital, did the x - ray revealed scoliosis of the first degree. But still, the doctor said that this is not the final diagnosis, after the pelvic bone is very skewed. Drove us there and back, then all the other hospital went - scoliosis and all, but weird. Just in time for the holiday in Korea (where my brother lives), we took the girl to the Medical center of the University of Hanyang. This center all praised! And the doctor said that Gali no scoliosis, and the most that neither is arthritis of the joints of the lower limb. Month saw this doctor and for the x-ray become noticeable improvement! Now we are in Russia, but we will go there again for treatment.
My husband ordered the trip to Korea for two weeks. Thought great we will buy a lot of exotic goods. Went to the seafood market, about which we prozhuzhali is all in the plane. But apparently not accustomed we were to the local food. Bought lobster on the market and a few mussels. Then asked the kitchen of our hotel, so we made them. But apparently too much we hurried to trust the local "cooks". Stomachs we spun two days, then exhausted, we finally called the insurance company and us by ambulance to Medical center of the University of Hanyang. There for us, promptly took and after three days was discharged. We loved the service in the hospital and the attitude of the staff. All were so eager to please us that we are uncomfortable even at the end of the felt. But still I thank them very much for the help!
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