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Clinics specialty is the treatment of cancer using the method of aimed on immunity by different techniques. With the help of new drugs doctors achieve natural death of cancer cells without using chemotherapy.
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I have found a lump Williams said that I need to remove a kidney but I didn't want! Life with one kidney - this is a disability, and I'm a young man. So I needed a doctor who would cure me and save my kidney. On med website on this issue I read about one cancer center in Korea hospital Soram. The article said that the oncologists in the clinic, with the help of new drugs, seeking a natural death of cancer cells. It really cheered me up and I through the organizers of the treatment he went there. Being treated for there 3 months and the doctor recently showed me the latest test results - they are normal, and it is on the mend!
There was a suspicion of cancer and I did a biopsy of the lymph nodes. I wanted to pass the examination in a professional institution, therefore, appealed to the hospital Soram. Compare prices and experience of oncologists and all spoke in favor of this place. Here we rented an apartment for a month near the clinic and have already passed all the necessary tests. This hospital is very bright and a little reminiscent of the place where they treat cancer. After a month of tests, I have identified no cancer! Joyful, are you going to fly home!
Thank you to the doctors in the hospital, Soram for the successful treatment of breast cancer. In Russia I was exposed to the removal of the right breast, but I really wanted to keep his chest and successfully cured. Husband supported me and trying to help. Learned about this clinic from a cousin of her husband. She was treated there friend. And we also decided to go, because then everything about the clinic found out and even called them, and through an interpreter talked with the doctor. Thank you!
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