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Asan medical center, opened in 1989 thanks to the continuous development, research and clinical practice made up of medical world-class results. including supported equipped with advanced medical equipment of the highest medical level. Asan medical center is the main hospital of eight hospitals under the management of social security Fund of the Asanas. The largest hospital in Korea 2,700 beds. Every year there are more than 57,000 high-tech operations, the hospital was ranked number 1 by number of transactions in 30 major diseases, operations for 6 cancer types in organ transplants.
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Asan medical center  - South Korea
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Asan Medical center is the largest hospital in Korea, which in 2012 was recognized as the best in the country. Honorary title, the centre has received for its innovation in the medical sector: here was performed Korea's first operation with the use of True Baet, the first multi-visceral transplantation. The leader of Asanas and the number of operations to remove cancerous tumors.

Using the most progressive therapies, doctors hospital Asan reach amazing results — put on the legs of patients who were denied treatment at home. In the survey patients doctors use machines PET, MRI, CT, PET-CT, MRA, innovative medical equipment for conducting gastroscopy, colonoscopy and endoscopy, ultrasound cardiography, arteriosclerosis, elocutionary, ultrasound, gamma knife, gamma camera, etc. the prices for different types of examinations at the clinic of Asan are more than reasonable.

In the price of the medical center includes a large number of programs in a comprehensive diagnosis. Used them to learn all the data about their health status within 1-3 days, which is very convenient.

Clinic reviews
This winter my husband in the center of Asanas performed surgery on stentirovaniyu heart. We went to Korea on the advice of our cardiologist, who is familiar with many doctors Asana (he for some time lived in Korea) and advise this clinic to many of my patients. But when he examined my husband after our arrival from Seoul, said that this time, Korean doctors have surpassed themselves, and that such a brilliant result not yet seen. And most importantly – my husband really easy.
Already preparing for surgery for breast cancer in Moscow. But how can you not strain when voiced predictions 50x50? Of course, when the opportunity came up to go to have surgery abroad, I immediately agreed, as I never had to regret. Clinic Asan – world, Dr. Kim Yong So is a magician! And all the girls – the nurses and the translator – ocharovatelnoy, pure gold! And actually, I came to the conclusion that I very much Eastern culture. Want to live in Japan or Korea.
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