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Bumin hospital in Seoul is a clinic specializing in diseases of joints and spinal problems. The hospital is equipped with modern equipment that allows to accurately determine the diagnosis and guide patient for early treatment.
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the History of the hospital "Bumin Seoul", the main specialization of which — treatment of diseases joints spine started in 2011-m to year. Today, the center meets all international standards, equipped with electronic control system and is considered one of the leading clinics in the field of spinal surgery. Here are treated well-known athletes.

the hospital "Seoul Bumin" includes 292 people, of whom 184 — standard, 108 — superior. The clinic employs highly qualified surgeons, orthopedists, traumatologists, neurologists, chiropractors. They work closely with many hospitals (both Korean and Western), using medical equipment manufactured by the leading manufacturers.

In the hospital, "Seoul Bumin" successful treatment of stenosis of the spinal cord by the method of lumbar plastics through a system of MICRO-METRx, complex fractures of the spine. Local surgeons to competently perform operations on laser lumbar discectomy, spinal fusion. 

the Methods used by doctors "Seoul Bumin" do not include performing large incisions and blood transfusion, so patients recover very quickly. 

In the wards of the medical centre with comfortable beds, TV, Internet access, phone, bathroom. In the rooms of VIP-class there is even a small kitchen.

Clinic reviews
I have stenosis of the spinal cord, for which treatment was taken only a few specialists in Moscow and it wanted not only the payment "in cash", but at the hands of a certain amount, though still not guaranteed a result! My family found a great Department of a hospital in Seoul Bumin, doctors which is not the first time operated on patients with a similar diagnosis. We checked out immediately! It is now past the stage of tests and I will operate. The doctor I have is very good, but not Korean, and German. I trust him, and the hospital is very comfortable.
Only now, when I can move freely and breathe, I can understand healthy people who have never had back problems like me. First it was the usual pain when I sat or stood up sharply, and then, apparently because of this notorious warp, I have begun to move bodies a little and the pain intensified. I visited four specialists, but it was physiotherapy which didn't help much. Then when I got an x-ray, the angle of slope of the spine was more than 50 degrees and had surgery. I was afraid to be operated in Russia, as he had heard about medical errors. My aunt just moved to Korea six months ago to relocate and was recommended to me by Bumin hospital Seoul, where she was treated for a couple of months ago. Looked up the clinic itself on the Internet - photos I really liked, and about the nurses, only good things written in the reviews. Got tickets and flew. Aunt brought me to the hospital, as well enough to focus on the terrain. We talked with the doctor through an interpreter. He looked at me and made repeated x-rays. As it turned out, the problem got worse. Required emergency surgery! It lasted 5 hours and was fine but I lost a lot of blood. Now I am in rehab and can't say about the result. But my doctor said I did great and I'm on the mend!
When a car accident I had a broken right leg, and wore a cast. When it was removed I was never able to walk normally, as improperly healed tendon. You had to re-do the surgery, to then correct. While browsing the various clinics, I came to the forum for athletes, where they shared their impressions about the treatment abroad, in particular in the Bumin hospital Seoul. I went to the clinic site and saw the prices. Of course it was not cheap, but I was able to borrow the necessary amount from my parents. Arrived in Seoul and met with the doctor who immediately had me placed. We spoke English. He prescribed me a week. But he said that in the future all should go as expected, and more operations will be required.
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