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Clinic at the University of Chung-Ang in Seoul opened in 1968, is one of the leaders of Korean medicine. The clinic is equipped with the latest medical equipment, use the advanced infrastructure of transmission and storage of medical information. We should also mention specialized centers of the thyroid gland, spine, gastroenterology, cardiovascular surgery.
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Clinic at the University of Chung-Ang - South Korea
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About clinic Clinic at the University of Chung-Ang

the Clinic at the University of Chung-Ang operates since 1968 In that it is composed of two centres, bedspace which is designed for 890 inpatients. The intensive care unit for adults can accommodate 44 people for baby children — 10.

the Staff of the University hospital Chung-Ang includes more than 2 thousand specialists. Of these, 130 were qualified doctors. The staff of medical institutions have access to the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods. So, they use 256-channel CT system “Da Vinci”, digital radiology, new ultrasound machine, gamma camera, progressive installation of extracorporeal wave shock therapy, PET-CT, linear accelerator, etc.

In the center at the University of Chung-Ang also features a RFID system. It helps doctors diagnostic Department in the shortest possible time to carry out all the procedures to put the correct diagnosis.

the clinic's Patients are placed in 1-, 2 - and 4-bed rooms offers a complete set of items that you need for a comfortable stay in the hospital. If desired, they can be accommodated in the Guesthouse, located on the territory of the medical institution.

Clinic reviews
When I had my re-fractured arm in the same place, dad immediately contacted the service Docklands. We had planned to go to Germany, where the strongest podiatrists, but the road from Vladivostok to me would be to move difficult. We stopped at the clinic of Chung-Ang and was very pleased. All done quickly, nebolno. Dad's days were next to me, in the house, not allowed to be depressed. And the doctor got merry. Professor, and such a simple uncle, cool. Yes, most importantly – solid in Seoul Wi-Fi!!!! ))))) On the streets, everywhere)))) Children tell at home, nobody believes me!
Just got back from the clinic, Chung-Ang. Feel as good as new! When many years tormented by herniated, and then you suddenly feel the joy of full motion is reproducible! It seems that even a little bit-and fly! Yeah, bent))) In my 55 with a weight of 110... But I somehow miraculously ceased to feel the years and pounds. Many thanks for this to my doctor!
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