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Hospital Velton specializing in the treatment of arthroscopy and hip and knee arthroplasty. At the clinic, patients will be able to pass not only accurate diagnostics and quality treatment with the help of modern equipment, but also rapid postoperative rehabilitation.
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Clinic Walton - South Korea
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About clinic Clinic Walton

Clinic Walton been in force since 2003. It is an international centre for total knee replacement and hip joint arthroscopy. Administrative and institution unites of 10 specialized branches, which are the best Korean orthopedists and surgeons.

the clinic staff Velton for the first time in the country has used a minimally invasive method of joint replacement, allowing the patient a few hours after treatment to move independently. Today, the hospital uses an innovative system of computer navigation, thanks to which the hip and muscle tendons are fully preserved.

interestingly, the relatives accompanying the patient in the medical centre, Walton, will be allowed to watch the operation. Local experts so correctly and accurately do their work that the beholder it does not cause negative emotions or desire to faint. 

Minimal incision and precise control over every movement — surgeons Velton taken for treating even the most complex diseases and they do it perfectly well.

Clinic reviews
After exercising on the stepper started to ache my knees, but I thought it should and continued training. And one day, legs buckled and I could not walk. The pain was terrible! Was diagnosed with gonarthrosis 1-2 degrees both knee joints. Shooting pain shot sinogram, but then nothing helped. I addressed to different doctors, but required a narrow specialist. Found this in the clinic Walton in Korea, where he worked as a doctor with a worldwide reputation and vast experience in such operations. Went through the organizers of the treatment. The doctor even allowed my mother to through the glass watched the progress of the operation. Everything went well, but required rehabilitation.
I'm a professional skateboarder and often speak at various international competitions. Two years ago our team played in South Korea, where I received a serious knee injury. I was immediately taken to the clinic Walton. I was operated on the head of Department. All done so well that on the same day by evening I can get back to your hotel, though said to come back in a week to see the reflexes. Now I continue to speak and my knee does not hurt at all.
Maybe I will write now a well known thing, but don't forget to wear Slippers in the pool! So I forgot to wear, walked on the wet tiles barefoot and thus broke the kneecap. By the way, my weight is 125 kg, so any fall is dangerous for me. I have previously had an operation in Germany, but the clinic was not a good podiatrists. I went to the clinic Velton, where I had a successful arthroscopy of the knee. The hospital was better than my previous one, and the doctor I knew even without an interpreter.
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