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➤ Medical center at Konkuk University ➤ Seoul, South Korea ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
International clinic of Konkuk University is equipped with state of the art equipment and highly qualified doctors ensures its customer service and treatment at the highest level.
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Medical center at Konkuk University - South Korea
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I worked in this center nurse (Medical center Konkuk University) for 2.5 years and that's what about it can tell: the equipment they have all the latest the doctors not negligent in their duties, and the house is very comfortable. During the period I had come to love this center and even brought many friends here. Treatment here provide a good. So nothing bad about this hospital can't say.
Because of job lived in Seoul for 8 months and everything was good: beautiful places and smiling Koreans I liked. Korean I knew, as we worked in the local office. Insurance I had and I was assigned to the Medical center at the Konkuk University. Here had once contact is made manometry of the esophagus, as are very sick stomach. I just did here and the diagnosis also put not delaying the process. This new hospital was and the house it was very comfortable. With the Russian treatment and some were not. Can recommend it for notes, for those who will come here.
Since childhood suffered from his protruding ears. Always wore loose hair, in order to cover up my "elven" ears, even a couple of times I glued them with tape. And when I was 25 years old, decided for my childbirthday to give the operation. A friend just arrived from Seoul, said that plastic surgery they are very common in the city. I'm seriously interested in. Through the organizers of the treatment of the paperwork for otoplasty in the Medical center at Konkuk University and departed in the allotted time in Korea. The doctor at me was a cute Korean, and the clinic itself is very elegant thought! Huge building and great chamber. In General, I had the surgery and now I am in recovery. In Seoul I loved it! Here are all smiling, and the climate good.
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