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Medical center Gil University Gachon is a multidisciplinary center, which provide various medical services to patients from all over the world. Highly skilled hospital staff, applying the latest technology and most modern equipment will be able to cope with a simple survey, and to respond quickly to critical health condition of their patients.
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Medical center Gil, University of Gachon - South Korea
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About clinic Medical center Gil, University of Gachon

History medical center Gil, University of Gachon began in 1958. Initially it was a standard gynecological center, but over time, the number of medical specialties in which doctors work Gil has increased. Today it successfully treat almost all therapeutic diseases, cancer, infertility, at a high level perform transplantation of tissues and organs.

the Patients medical center Gil, University of Gachon available the most accurate and effective diagnostic methods. Local doctors used the work of innovative imaging techniques, electroencephalography, bronchoscopy, MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, PET, and electromyography, pulmonary function, colonoscopy, etc. Recently medical center Gil bought expensive digital mammography, the latest devices Dual Source, 7.0 T MRI, PET-CT Angio and digital.

the High quality of the services provided at the clinic Gil, confirmed by the statistics. During the year the center treats more than 26 million outpatients and 2 million hospital patients — they all benefited from improved health or a full recovery.

Clinic reviews
After the medical center Gachon gynecological surgery (very successful!), I find it difficult to understand why people are having financial possibilities, do not go for treatment abroad. Even Korean medicine has moved far ahead from ours, and there is still Germany, Israel... so I: set a goal to be healthy and go for it. Against all borders, visas and sanctions. The Docklands – a special thanks.
Before and had no idea that there is a steep clinics in the world, where the theme of liver transplantation delivered to the stream. and it's not a miracle where the body put a new head and it is discussed on the first channel at Malakhov. A routine operation, just 3 operations every was very scary, but I decided ... no, not happy. I just live like a man all the time and listen, whatever it is I have, not quite native...
Came in Icheon whole family for examination son. Center Gachon made an enormous impression! This is the real Empire of modern high-tech medicine, which was created by a brilliant woman, If Gil E. a Survey done quickly, treated. What is most interesting – some of the drugs we took in Russia, but the use of them was not bought from a shop in Korea. Well, you noticed right away and stocked up before leaving.
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