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Hospital SAM is known as the first clinic where was used endovascular method of chemotherapy. Specializations of the clinic are: cancer, neurosurgery, dentistry, Oriental medicine, gynecological diseases, diagnosis and treatment of joints.
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Medical center SAM - South Korea
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When I got sick, my family has become much closer. They immediately offered me help and I began to look for a good specialist. I found colon cancer. Though it is common form of cancer, but still treat it very difficult! So mom began everywhere to gather information, where and how it is treated. And found a good cancer center - Medical center SAM. I was immediately there without any problems. To pay for the treatment I was helped by my family. Now I have took a biopsy and prescribed a course of treatment. Forecasts while to do early, but I'm glad that he was in good hands.
I spent in the hospital Medicover week, for which I made a complete examination and selected therapy. After that, I twice went to Mieczyslaw Kopacz on routine exams, which I corrected assignment. In result, my condition became much better. Disappeared swelling, shortness of breath, pain, pressure more or less normalized. My summary is this: in Poland very well put paid medicine, and mieczysław kopacz – a great specialist in the field of cardiology.
I am a young lady (29 years), but you are already suffering from tachycardia. Yet to this problem involves excess weight. Periodically if you feel unwell drink Corvalol, but such a life already tired. Went to the portal and looked reviews of the best clinics. Like the South Korean medical center SAM. After consultation with the doctor through an interpreter, I was enrolled for treatment. I read a lot of good reviews about this place, but I'm afraid to go abroad. So help me God get rid of this problem and start a new life, be healthy and never think about this problem!
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