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Seoul medical center Women's University, Ewha is one of the best hospitals for women throughout the country. Hospital provides its patients comprehensive services in such areas as Oncology, diagnostics, gynecology, transplant, cardiology, cardiac surgery and many others.
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Medical Center Women's University Ewha - South Korea
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the Medical center for Female Ewha womans University began its work in 2009. Over the years, from regular clinics for women it has become a medical institution of international level. From 2008 to 2010, the hospital has taken a leading position on the quality of cancer treatment of women among organizations similar to medical orientation.

Doctors of the medical center at the Women's University Ewha used in practice only to innovative European equipment. Among them, the best doctor in Korea who are interested not only in defeating diseases, but also in preserving the beauty of the female body. They are at the highest level bessrabia perform surgery to remove the breast cancer and thyroid glands are doing everything possible to save the breast for the treatment of cancer. If necessary, carry out a high-quality plastic of the breast.

the Availability of modern diagnostic equipment allows the specialists at Women's University Ewha to provide convenient Nonstop service. As part of her consultation, biopsy and lab results is only one day — it relieves patients from the tedious waiting, if there is a suspicion of cancer.

Clinic reviews
Didn't think once will be treated in Korea! But since our doctors are unable to accurately diagnose me, I had to look very good specialists. In the Seoul hospital I was diagnosed with cancer of the parenchyma of the kidney. The doctors at the medical Center for Female Ewha womans University, have collected a consultation and after a detailed study of the condition of my body, found the cause of my poor condition. I had surgery and after 5 hours complicated surgery, I successfully came out of anesthesia. The doctors said that the operation was successful. I was transferred to my cosy room and I slept for probably 12 hours after that. Now they observed me. But they say that I have a strong body and I will get better.
Wow, all three patients have left their reviews at the same time. And we have the clinic left a not so rosy impression. How can a serious clinic, which considers itself Ewha ",throw the client????". Sends to foreign patient call, the coupon on reception to the Professor, indicating with date and time and we arrive late in the evening, on the eve of the reception , the Manager on work with clients informs that the doctor needed vacation ( well , that is nobody to replace? so what that people two aircraft get? Wait for the other doctor from a trip from Africa (!!!!!!) will be back in a week and surgery. / we do nothing as a week just to wait for a hotel for 88$ a day to pay /). We have an appointment on 8.11.16 g to the doctor - urologist of the Woo Girl. Perhaps this is not the fault of the doctor, pre-planned your vacation ( just can't wrap my head that a normal person, knowing that an appointment with him for tomorrow and the next operation is recorded a patient from another country will just take the day before leaving on vacation), and the lack of professionalism of the staff of the international Department on work with foreign patients.
I wanted to write on behalf of his girlfriend, which really surprised me! She had surgery to remove the thyroid tumor in the clinic and, moreover, the scar does not remain. She accidentally let slip that he was treated for cancer at the medical Center for Female Ewha womans University and there doctors were so professional that not only removed her tumor, but did not leave a trace of the scalpel. I want to Express my gratitude on her behalf and on my own!
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