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A multidisciplinary clinic is equipped with the most modern equipment, contains a staff of highly skilled specialists who will not only help to establish correct diagnosis, but also to create a complete treatment plan on our innovative techniques.
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National University Kangwon Hospital  - South Korea
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When I was unable to get adequate treatment for the problem here, I began to choose the medical facility abroad. I had pheromo dysplasia-patellar articulation. Chose between the hospital Severance and the national University Gangwon-do hospital (South Korea). But made the choice in favor of the last because I liked the location of the clinic. The doctor did all the tests and started testing. I liked the hospital: a big, great houses and the food here is good. I hoped that here will help me.
It all began as something incomprehensible, not even realized at once that happened to me, numb right arm and broken speach. Recovered, all in 20 minutes. The husband immediately responded, sent me to be treated abroad. Was choosing between treatment in Israel and Korea, but the doctor he liked in the hospital at the national University of Kangwon. He had a large practice in the treatment of stroke and in the hospital was a great environment for rehabilitation. My husband and I here rented an apartment and I am treated more like 2 months. I'm doing really well and the seizures did not recur.
Everything always had a good, but gradually began to appear pains in the legs. Then on the rise - there was pain spazmiruyutsya, twisting, very strong, burning. Had not the strength to RUB! The result - coxarthrosis of the II degree. Age I have not been small, 49 years old. The accumulation was for the treatment, so on the portal ordered treatment in the hospital at the national University of Kangwon. I liked that there was a whole scientific branch of Orthopaedics. I gave the curator, who helped me get settled in Korea. Now being treated for two months is the first positive changes.
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