Spinal hospital Uridyl (Wooridul)

➤ Spinal hospital Uridyl (Wooridul) ➤ Seoul, South Korea ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
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Orthopedics , Surgery
Spinal hospital Uridyl (Wooridul) one of the leading centers for the treatment of spine diseases on the planet.
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Spinal hospital Uridyl (Wooridul) - South Korea
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About clinic Spinal hospital Uridyl (Wooridul)

Established in 1982 in Busan is a small highly specialized clinic for the treatment of Wooridul spine for 30 years, grew up in a medical centre of global importance. He currently has more than a dozen hospitals around the world: 10 clinics in Korea, hospitals in Jakarta (Indonesia), Dubai (UAE) and Istanbul (Turkey). The headquarters of the management of the entire network Wooridul abroad is in Singapore. It is planned to open new branches in Spain, Brazil and Colombia.

Clinic reviews
Briefly about my vpechatlenii about spinal hospital, Uridyl (Wooridul) in Korea: comfortable, fully osnashenie all necessary chamber, excellent food, professionally trained medical staff, caring doctors, convenient geographical location of the centre and a huge percentage of recovered patients! And this is not advertising, and personal impression of the usual patient treated here, intervertebral hernia.
Scoliosis I was diagnosed with at the age of 15, was prescribed physiotherapy, which I went and all. But somewhere in the 25 years I began to have severe back pain and scoliosis of 3 degrees. There is already physical therapy was not enough. Surgical intervention was required. A colleague from work told me that one time in Korea, her mother was treated for a hernia in the spinal hospital Uridyl (Wooridul) and everything went quite well. I read the reviews about this place and really wanted to have surgery here! Phoned the clinic and after talking with the doctor in English, went there for surgery. Now I am fine and I am recovering.
Found out about the centre (Spinal hospital Uridyl (Wooridul)) of direct advertising one of those medical sites. I needed a replacement, specifically a prosthetic elbow joint. Received severe injury in an accident and had to spend surgery. Very well I here asked, as I confessed then the doctors, was a complicated case and instead of 2 hours for the surgery, I was operated on 5!!! Thank you very much!
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