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University hospital soon Chun Hyang (Soon Chun Hyang Hospital) in bucheon

3 reviews
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➤ University hospital soon Chun Hyang (Soon Chun Hyang Hospital) in bucheon ➤ Pucxon, South Korea ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
Medical center at the University of Anonchan is a leading multidisciplinary clinics in South Korea. The leading specialists of this institution is daily taking in about 2500 patients, which often treat problems with the areas of medicine: orthopedics, Oncology, gastroenterology, transplantation and plastic surgery.
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Doctor  Li Khvan Mo Li Khvan Mo

Head of the department of surgery of the spine.

About University hospital soon Chun Hyang (Soon Chun Hyang Hospital) in bucheon

Multidisciplinary University hospital soon Chun Hyang is a famous medical center, which is composed of 108 specialized clinics, 31 emergency Department and 16 professional and 53 outpatient centres. Due to the complex administrative structure it is often compared to a small state.

Here treat all kinds of diseases, conducting complex operations for a liver transplant, hematopoietic stem cells, kidney and other organs. The availability of modern medical equipment helps the doctors of University Hospital soon Chun Hyang to perform surgical treatment at the highest level.

the Centre has several innovative systems not only treatment and diagnosis, but also automation— for example, communication between the medical corps OCS, activation and message transfer PACS and lab automation TLAS. Also in the establishment of a computer multidetector scanner, 3.0 Tesla MRI, high-precision apparatus for magnetic resonance angiography.

patients of the Hospital of the University of Anonchan in bucheon are placed in a comfortable 1 - and 2 - and even 6-bed wards. In addition, it offers full meals.

Clinic reviews
When my wife got sick, and I sold our vacation home, if only to spare her from this disease by any means. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and this is how I know, one of the most severe form of cancer. We have been to several specialists and they used a completely different treatment, but I was so afraid that we will lose time and the disease will proceed to the next stage that I began to see the centers where effectively treated with this disease. Picked a few, but only in the University hospital soon Chun Hyang in bucheon told me about a new technique in treating this difficult form of cancer. We went there at once! Received us well, gave a great house not only for his wife, but also gave room for me in the clinic. The hospital was with excellent medical staff and was even nice Russian speaking doctors, which surprised me. Now the treatment is almost finished and the wife is on the mend. Thanks to the clinic for help.
After a holiday on the sea found on the back of increased nevus with a black hat. Moreover, quite by accident, when I adjusted the bra. Ran to the beautician, but it was not his specialization was! He sent me to an oncologist. The oncologist examined the lesion and said it was quite normal mole, nothing to worry about. But then after a month it became more. I was worried, but nothing still not done. And then the next holiday came up and we went with my friends to Korea. Decided to read about their medicine and there was a lot of information about University Hospital soon Chun Hyang in bucheon, as there oncolgy well treated. On arrival, decided to go there for a consultation, girlfriend Korean knew. And that's where me and told me that I have cancer! The doctor was great, made my surgery an hour cyber knife. TFA, so far so good!
I got injury, I had damaged the spine. I had an urgent operation for the insurance, but the rehabilitation period in coverage is not included, and reviews of patients, were not so much effective in this medical facility. Just my brother went to work in Korea and invited me there for the recovery period, the more he paid for there accommodation. We found an excellent doctor of physical therapist at the University hospital soon Chun Hyang in bucheon and on arrival immediately went to the clinic. Now I have had several procedures and he has slowly began to go by himself, without the help of his brother. And the climate in Korea is great! Get well soon and more details will be visiting this country.
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