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Medical center, Uridyl is a network of clinics specializing in the treatment of diseases of the spine and joints. Thanks to cutting-edge digital equipment and the latest treatment methods our doctors achieve the highest results.
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Wooridul Hospital - South Korea
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About clinic Wooridul Hospital

Uridyl — a network of specialized clinics, known as the world leader in the treatment of diseases of the spine joints. Recognized as the best international center of the Association of International Tourism, it meets the highest standards.

the clinic, Uridyl consists of 5 specialized branches. During the year they visit more than 20 000 patients. The number of medical procedures carried out in hospitals of the network also achieves record-breaking numbers — more than 80 000.

Doctors of the highest category, candidates and doctors of Sciences, professors, working in Uridil, in addition to clinical activities are actively engaged in scientific research each year is published around 20-25 papers written by them.

Precision diagnosis and effective treatment of local specialists with the best European equipment. So, the clinic has a CT, C-arm, MRI, O-arm, the latest navigation system, CyberKnife fourth generation and other expensive equipment.

the Doctors at the centers Uridyl work wonders. Here heal patients, who seemingly can't avoid disability. It is therefore not surprising that to get here for treatment is sought by all who have General diseases of the spine, joints or cancer.

Clinic reviews
In the clinic, Uridyl our son had the surgery about scoliosis 4 degrees. By the time he's already went in a corset, was treated on the spot as soon as I could, but no result. Well, we decided that we needed to go to Korea – ours does not compare, and not far from Nakhodka. Now we are home, rehabilitation is successful. At least, the disability we are now not in danger.
I want to convey a huge Hello Dr. Kym Khan Gungu, which gave me 5 months ago surgery. Tomorrow celebrate my 70-year anniversary, and I think he's not the last. But in old age life should not become a torment. On the contrary – activity, movement, sports, travel. All this is now available to me thanks to the Golden hands of a surgeon from South Korea. I wish you happiness, peace and good!
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